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To be a crafty handyman is not among what ladies are most famous for nowadays. It’s less valid for the average handyman and more for the handywoman, but it’s of crucial importance for every male and female homeowner to posses the minimum basic skill set and repair tools. Most ladies have never even visited a home tools shop. Unfortunately it’s more true than false. The majority of women have not even made one repair shop visit with or without their own handyman. It’s rather peculiar than a worrisome fact, that we have more handymen handling carpentry and plumbing jobs than ladies. While there are female handyman service providers out there the trend has been around for the handful of years we have as experience in commercial handyman services around the world. That’s why we composed this simple set of female homeowner tips for average female homeowner.

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Dear handy female homeowners:
• Do you feel as if the local hardware store is more like a rocket ship, rather than store for handyman tools?
• Do you want to be familiar with the basic tool set for maintenance and repair emergencies?
• Do you want to feel confident with basic handyman tasks and services on your own?

We at Handyman tips have gathered a basic list of the most basic, common and easy-to-use home maintenance and repair tools to aid any female homeowner manage simple handyman home repairs and other odd jobs.

Screwdrivers and Power drills

These are among the most essential of all handyman tools. Most women are not aware what are the various types of screwdrivers nor how or where to use those. Missing a flattened or cross-shaped tip could turn picture or photo wall mounting or smaller furniture dismantle and assembly into an impossible task. If you want to learn more about screwdrivers be sure to check out our article Screwdriver types and uses.
Screwdrivers can be both manual and powered. The wide variety of handyman power tools ranges from basic stick-shaped models with batteries, to motor, tip changers, and of course – the more powerful pistol shaped VSR’s (variable-speed reversible). Some cordless drills can also do the job and using such is a common practice. Various drill-driver bits and adapters will turn the average cord-drill into a neat and easy-to-use screwdriver. Some handy impact drivers can provide two types of hammering plus right-angled extensions. If you don’t know what cordless drill to buy you should check out our Cordless drill buying guide.
Depending how good your tool class is, it will come with a number of improvements to ease your handyman project like:
• Built-in bubble levels,
• High and low gears,
• Magnetic holders,
• Adjustable-torque clutches,
• ‘Gyroscopic’ control & many more.

cordless drill

Hammers and Pawns

By definition, hammer is a tool with a heavy metal head mounted at right angles at the end of a handle, used for jobs such as breaking things and driving in nails. Long story short – hand tools are used to drive nails, fit flat pack parts, forge metal and break or shatter objects. Hammers can vary in shape, size, weight and structure, all depending on what their sole purpose is. Beside being extremely practicable for home repairs, they can be an efficient way of stress relief. Just make sure you carefully choose a hammer that has proper plastic or rubber coating. Ladies are far more gentle and a comfortable handle is mandatory in order to efficiently absorb the shock and eliminate injuries in the long term.

Pliers and Nails

Pliers can be described as pincers with parallel, flat, and typically serrated surfaces, used chiefly for gripping small objects or bending wire. Other definition is that pliers are hammer’s best friend. It is a hand tool used by craftsmen for manual work, such as chopping, chiseling, sawing, filing, forging and etc. Pliers are undoubtedly among the most commonly used tools for DIY home maintenance and repairs. Female homeowners will surely benefit the usage of pliers, because it is the best way to save fingers and nails when hammering, right? To chisel a hole through brickwork will surely put nails to the test.


There is nothing better in aiding a female homeowner to handle a handyman job than a good wrench with a solid grip. Wrenches can provide a level of control pliers simply can’t. To strengthen nuts, bolts or fix loose pipes and care of plumbing, will be a piece of cake when using the right wrench. Make sure you go for an adjustable crescent wrench. To be able to set the opening as you wish will ensure loosen even the tightest of nuts or bolts. If you want to learn everything about wrenches be sure to check out our complete Wrenches guide.

The Utility Knife

Utility knife is originally a fixed blade knife with a cutting edge suitable for general work such as cutting hides and cordage, scraping hides, butchering animals, cleaning fish, and other tasks. This hand tool is more than common and female homeowners should all own at least one. Utility knifes with a retractable blade and a rubber grip are the ones we recommend. Handyman jobs often hold a high risk of injury, especially when there’s a blade involved.
Other names handymen use for utility knifes are:
• Stanley knife
• Japanese knives
• X-Acto
• Cutters, box cutter or box cutters
• Other common synonyms are: Razor blade knife, razor knife, carpet knife, pen knife, stationery knife, sheet rock knife, or simply a drywall knife.

Tape Measure

A tape measure or “measuring tape” is essentially the type of ruler made up of a long strip (the blade or tape) of fiberglass, plastic, steel or stainless steel marked off with measurements along its length. These measurements can be metric (centimetres & metres) or imperial (inches & feet) or even both. Tape measure is especially useful with minor carpentry or drilling holes, it will ensure your accuracy at a 100%. Tape measure is one of the handyman tools a female homeowner should have.

tape measure

Hacksaws and Cutting

Not the most tender among hand tools for sure. We highly recommend using gloves when cutting. At first a hacksaw might look a bit frightening and raise an alarm or two, but when you need to cut a metal piece, timber or a plastic pipe – you will undoubtedly need a fine-toothed saw. Blade sizes can vary – from 10 or 12 inches (254 or 305 mm) for they common hand hacksaws. Junior hacksaws might be more suitable for female home owners. They are about 6 inches (152 mm) long. The basic hacksaw consist out of a handle, a single handed grip and pins holding a dismantable blade. If you prefer power tools then you should check out our article What saw to use!

To Level is Mandatory

The best solution to hanging family photos or other paintings. The tiny bubble will never lie.
Common types of levels are:
• Horizontal Spirit Leveling
• Vertical Spirit Leveling
• Optional 45-Degree Bubble units
• Laser Leveling
• Old-School Line Levels

Supplemental Accessories

Dear ladies, DIY home maintenance and repairs is not all about the common tools alone. There are a lot of supplementary items for odd jobs, that will surely ease your DIY handyman task. Every female homeowner should have a flashlight, a few pairs of gloves, duct tape, and rags.
At the end here is 10 Priceless Tips for Female Homeowners ;-)

1) If there is no screwdriver at your sight, try common silverware such as a spoons or knifes.
2) For the more experienced working alone is okay, but whenever in doubt with how handy you are – ask for help.
3) You repair feels stupid? If it works, then it isn’t.
4) Whenever possible, take you handyman project to the kitchen. There women can improvise the best.
5) If you’re using a electronic handyman tool and it does not work? Buy a new one…or consult an eleven year old child.
6) Replace the battery; change a bulb or fuse; check if the tank is empty, try turning the switch or simply paint it.
7) If you accidentally dropped an alarm clock and it magically started working – you have healed it.
8) Disregard what people say. To kick, pound and throw often DOES help.
9) If something looks leveled, it’s perfect…beside doors or windows that actually need to open or close.
10) In case you don’t succeed with your first attempt – redefine success and try again.

Don’t laugh & start with your first project!

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