A Guide to Cleaning Bean Bags

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The use of contemporary bean bags are one of the recent trends when it comes to furniture. Not only do they offer comfort, but they are so effective in adapting to the shape of the occupant. You can sit in whatever position that interests you and still feel comfortable. Hence, many people have started replacing their normal furniture with bean bags.

A Guide to Cleaning Bean Bags

Just like other home furniture, bean bags need frequent cleaning. This will not only keep them highly inviting but will also minimize the risk of being exposed to contaminated surfaces. The process of cleaning bean bags should be undertaken while adhering to specific precautions. Not following these instructions may damage your recently acquired bean bag. There are a number of ways you can clean your bean bags which have been proven safe and reliable. Below we outline proven methods for keeping your bean bag clean.


Get rid of the minor stains

This is one of the basic ways of maintaining a clean bean bag. It involves simply removing small marks or stains on your beanbag by wiping off the mark or stain with a damp cloth and an appropriate stain remover.

Machine washing removable covers

Some bean bags come with removable covers. These covers are prone to collecting dirt and stains after prolonged use. The best way to clean the beanbag covers is via a washing machine. This approach will effectively remove any dirt or stain present with ease. Simply remove the beanbag cover, apply a proven stain remover to the visible stains and run them through the appropriate washing machine cycle.

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Washing the entire bag

Sometimes the marks or stains on your bean bag will warrant you having to wash the entire bean bag. This is highly probable if you have gone a long period of time without cleaning your beanbag. This method will require the removal of the beanbag filling prior to it being run through an appropriate wash cycle.

How to clean bean bags that need special treatment

Some bean bags need special treatment when it comes to cleaning them. Special treatment may be required due to certain materials used in making the bean bag. These materials may include Plush, Vinyl, Faux fur, and suede. The use of old cleaning methods on these materials may cause permanent damage.

In this instance, you can seek professional cleaning help. An expert in this field will give you directives on how to clean such bean bags. Strictly follow the advice given in order to achieve the desired result as the correct cleaning application will not compromise the durability of your bean bag.


Bean bags will always collect impurities, stains, and dirt. It is up to you to ensure you get rid of these stains and marks as they occur or on a continuous basis. The cleaning process should not be undertaken in haste as you risk damaging your bean bag.

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