Step by Step Guide On Building A Concrete House

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When building a concrete house, you need both precision and patience in order to do a neat job. In this article, we will show you the steps you need to follow. The whole process may take weeks or months especially if everything is being made from scratch. According to VIP Realty, when building a concrete house, you need both precision and patience in order to do a neat job.

Step by Step Guide On Building A Concrete House

However, you can make your work easier and also reduce the time you spend building the house by making use of precast concrete products. Maybe right now you are wondering where you can get these precast concrete products. We won’t leave you in the dark. If you are thinking of building a concrete house, you can find precast concrete here.

The Steps to Follow When Building a Concrete House from Scratch

Step 1: Stake the House

The first step will involve marking out the corners of your concrete house. You can use a mallet and wooden stakes. Be sure to use a twine line to help you ensure that the lines are all straight.

Step 2: Prepare the Foundation

The next step will involve preparing the foundation and laying the footers. The size of the footers will depend on the size of the house and the block walls. However, the footers should be at least 12 inches deep. Their width should be at least 4 inches wider than the width of the wall you intend to build.

Experts from Foundation Pro Services, LLC, advise you to place vertical rebars at an interval of about 4 feet in your foundation. The rebars will extend to the wall cells. After laying out the foundation, give it some time to acquire strength before you proceed with building the house walls.

Step by step guide on building a concrete house - finished house

Step 3: Lay the Corners

Corners should be the first thing you lay out when building a concrete house. You will need to use the type-S mortar to bond the blocks you use to lay out your corners. Use Mason’s trowel to spread your mortar. On all four corners, make sure you lay at least 6 to 8 blocks on each side of every 90-degree corner. Use a 4-foot hand-level and a square to check your blocks as you lay them.

Step 4: Building the Walls

Next, you will need to place your line blocks. You can use a nylon string that runs from one corner to the opposite corner to help you keep the walls straight. Make sure that you set your blocks on top of each other as you build your walls. Prepare door and window frames. Set them in place when the wall reaches the point where you want to have the windows and the doors.

Step 5: Finishing Up

The cells of the walls which have rebar will need to be filled with mortar. Use U-anchor bolts at the top of the blocks. The height at which you top your walls will depend on the size of the house you are building. For a small house, you can top the house at 8 or 9 feet. Allow your bolts to set for 24 hours before placing lumber boards on top of these walls. This will be the point where you will attach your roof. Pre-drill anchor bolt holes into your boards before setting them over the anchor bolts. Finally, you will need to attach a roof to your house. You can use nails and screws to do this. You can use prefabbed trusses or you can stick-build the roof. If you need items for your newly built house then check out Urbanoak.

Your Dream Home

As you have probably noticed after checking out the steps above, if you are building your concrete house 100% from scratch, it will take too much of your time. It will also involve a lot of work. To make things easier, you can acquire precast concrete. If you think that building your own house is a to big task for you the you can buy a completely renovated home for a fraction of the price. To help cover the expenses for this, see if LoanMart can help. You can always hire a concrete contractor to help too.

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