List of Various Green Plants for Gift on Birthday

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Whenever the birthdays are around the corner, we start thinking of what to give to the person. Well, it is kind of a mission in which we want to succeed by default! Sometimes we even measure the likeability of gifts with the money spent on it. However, you need not rush into that direction because even beautiful plants can make a way for perfect gift ideas. Yes, you read it right! Zero wastage and an eco-friendly gift that would be loved by every birthday person you will be handing over to along with some funny birthday wishes.

List of Various Green Plants to Gift on Birthday

To ace in the choice of picking the suitable ones, we have listed down the various plants for your convenience. So, let us introduce you to the new buds!

Bonsai Plants

Well, the first in the list is believed to bring harmony and good luck to the receiver. For a fact check, it helps in purifying the air.  Apart from that this plant helps in relieving the stress and even has some medicinal effects. A perfect indoor plant for decorating the house and work place’s desk would be surely loved by the birthday person.

Indoor Plants

Note that, “Green is the new black”. An empty corner of the house can be spruced up with the utmost subtleness just by adding the indoor plants. You should make a smart move by considering any of the best indoor plants from the long list as a birthday gift. Be it a cactus plant, indoor palm plant, or a jade plant, a plant will always do magic!

Succulent Plants

The cute tiny-winy succulent plant has marked its space in the list of aesthetic décor. You can easily get a succulent basket prepared from a nursery; surely the beauty would even convince you to buy one for yourself. Accompany with a happy birthday cake in one hand and a beautiful basket in another. Well, you will notice that the birthday person would be more excited to see the basket instead of a cake!

Air Purifying Plants

Choosing plants as a gift already showcases your step towards “going green”.  However, being specific to some aspect would make it even more useful for the receiver. Yes, we are talking about the air-purifying plants. It doesn’t matter which plant you choose until it serves the purpose of buying. So just make a choice and pack the perfect gift.

List of Various Green Plants to Gift on Birthday - bamboo

Bamboo Plants

Gifting a plant that has been signifying its existence for more than a hundred years would be a perfect way to wish them good health and long life to the birthday person. Make sure to pick the one which would suit the climate of the area. You should not skip taking this one from the grass-family!

Flowering Plants

A replacement of flower bouquets has finally arrived on the list! Now, flowers are not going to get their space into a trash bin within 2 days or less than that. A whole new flowering plant could be considered a great idea rather than just handing over a bouquet. The beauty of flowers has the power of stimulating the positivity and freshness in the surrounding. Then why not go for it? Be the one to take a stand for Mother Nature, by gifting plants and making your birthday wishes warmer and healthier! In case you are not able to reach the party venue and don’t want to miss any chance of surprising the birthday person then send a cake online at their doorsteps by opting for online delivery services.

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