Green Kitchen Remodeling Tips

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When it comes to remodeling your home, there are some issues that everybody wants to avoid. First one is finances – how to remodel your home on a budget? And the second issue is too much waste that you are left with after the remodeling process, as well as consuming too much energy. With all the environmental problems, we should do everything we can to create an eco-friendly home that saves money and energy.

Green Kitchen Remodeling Tips

So, if you want to renovate your kitchen, be sure to check out our green kitchen remodeling tips, and improve your home in an eco-friendly way.

Before you start remodeling…

Kitchen remodeling can be time-consuming and expensive, so you need to make plans for it. It’s important to prepare your kitchen for a remodeling project and consider all the aspects of it. Think of the changes you want to make, plan your remodeling budget and schedule your days off to have enough time to do everything. An eco-friendly renovation project seems like a complicated process – however, with our simple tips you’ll find the project smooth and easy to do.

Hire suitable professionals for your green kitchen remodeling

Of course, it’s okay to consider some DIY improvements for your green home. However, when talking about a complete green kitchen remodeling projects, it’s maybe a better idea to hire professionals. Hiring contractors would mean less time (and sometimes even less money) to do the job. Still, hiring random contractors will not always mean an eco-friendly process. Try to find green contractors who use green tools and products, and work in special, green techniques.

Extra tip: Serious work around your home is often much safer to do with the help of professionals. In the same way, if you need to relocate after you sell your home, it’s much safer and easier to hire a professional moving company. Relocation experts like Best Cross Country Movers will help you have a smooth and fast move, without stress and unnecessary issues.

Try to reuse your old kitchen items

Throwing everything away and buying a completely new kitchen is not one of the green kitchen remodeling ways. It’s better to try to reuse some of the items, which can look a lot better with just a new coat of paint or new handles. Consider all the ways you can update your kitchen cabinets without breaking the bank to buy new ones. There are simple, eco-friendly ways to reuse them and create a new kitchen that will be the most beautiful part of your home. Just be creative – or find some inspiration on Pinterest.

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Paint your kitchen items wisely

Yes, it’s great to reuse some of the kitchen items like cabinets. As one of the ways to make them like new again is to paint them. However, it’s not only about reusing the cabinets but the way you do it, too. You can use paints that are VOC-free and don’t release the usual paint smell which is harmful. Did you know that harmful paints are not only dangerous when they are wet? They release dangerous vapors long after the paint is dry. Using VOC-free paints are one of the most useful green kitchen remodeling tips out there.

Green Kitchen Remodeling Tips - walls

Use recyclable countertops

Countertops are somehow the central part of every kitchen, along with the cabinet doors. However, most of the popular countertops material is not that eco-friendly. Since these cover a lot of kitchen space, it’s good to use some more environmentally-friendly materials for them. These include:

bamboo – a very durable and strong material which is renewable at the same time.

recycled glass – glass countertops give you a lot of freedom in terms of style and color, and what’s best about it – you can find 100% recycled glass countertops, too.

recycled paper – yes, there are paper countertops, too. The paper has been pressed several times to create a strong surface that is durable enough to be part of a great, green kitchen.

Use energy-saving lights

It’s great to have a bright, well-lit kitchen. It’s a place some family spends the most time in, and it should be bright and cheerful. You also need a lot of light when cooking food. That’s why having a ton of regular light bulbs that consume a lot of energy is simply not an eco-friendly solution. Therefore, you should try energy-efficient lighting for your green kitchen remodeling project. LED bulbs are low energy consumers and can be found in a variety of colors and sizes. Another advantage of using LED bulbs is they last longer which is very beneficial for your budget, too.

Replace faucets with a more eco-friendly solution

Fortunately, it has become easy to find water-efficient faucets nowadays. You can easily replace your regular faucets with ones that have a low-flow system and look good at the same time. You will spend less water while washing dishes, which will save the environment and reduce your bills, too. If you are trying to do these tasks by yourself, but still have any problems, be sure to ask the handyman and get a fast and efficient solution for your kitchen remodeling issues.

Selling your home and moving?

If you are looking for green kitchen remodeling tips for the sake of increasing your home value – you are probably thinking of selling it and moving. Don’t forget to implement eco-friendly solutions when moving into a new home. Use eco-friendly packing supplies, downsize your home and don’t make too many back and forth trips with your car. Also, consider hiring professional movers wherever you’re about to move, even if you need to relocate anywhere in the Southeastern USA. Professionals know how to be time and energy-efficient, and use just the right amount of supplies and tools, without any unnecessary waste.

In the end…

Green kitchen remodeling is a great way to contribute to the environment while reducing expenses and creating a healthier and safer space for your family. Furthermore, the tips we mentioned before can be used for other rooms in your home – an eco-friendly home is always a good idea.

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