A Useful Guide That Will Make Your Kitchen Remodeling Easier Than Ever

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Traditionally, the kitchen has always been the center of family life. The modern-day hearth, where the family meets not only for meals but also to spend time together. The kitchen has developed in recent years and continues to do so, but its core functions of providing a welcoming and practical atmosphere have stayed unchanged. Today, modern kitchens are the most popular choice for home décor.

Farmhouse kitchen

Opting for a modern kitchen means experimenting with new materials. Decorating a kitchen in a modern style is possible, but a few steps must be followed.

Make a draft before you start decorating the kitchen

You’ll have a realistic view of everything, and you’ll outline your priorities. You can always supply a designer with a sketch of the space, including dimensions, doors, windows, the position of water and power installations, the possibility of aspirator drainage, and so on, in accordance with your wishes. The most important part is having a detailed budget plan before you begin decorating the kitchen. True, kitchen décor may occasionally be done on a shoestring budget, but it is vital to draw up a sketch and spending plan ahead of time.

Collecting ideas for decorating the kitchen

As with all things that are done from the beginning, you need inspiration. The Internet is the best resource for this, as it contains an infinite number of photos, models, ideas, and combinations. When you’ve decided on a kind, you’ll need to decide on a color—whether you want an ultra-modern high-gloss version or a more rustic version; a “pop-up” hue; modern anthracite; or traditional, unmistakable white. And, of course, the materials that will be used in the kitchen’s construction: solid wood, MDF, or plywood for kitchen components; stainless steel or granite for sinks and faucets; granite, marble, or quartz tiles for the work surface? The latter has been quite a popular choice recently, and the options are numerous. For a more precise estimate, it is always better to schedule a consultation as offered by the professionals at artisticstonedesign.com and make an assessment on what material might be most suited for your counterparts, what design, and whether you should also change the surrounding tiles to incorporate them into one harmonious picture. Remodeling projects are, on their own, quite intensive and demanding. Having someone to give you a second opinion is rather helpful and can make all the difference. You’ll give your kitchen a refreshing look and a more modern design, and create a more pleasant environment. Also, when you host the next Christmas party, you can expect a lot of compliments from friends and relatives as well.

Adapting the kitchen to your requirements

Here, you must be truthful with yourself and customize the kitchen to your actual requirements. How much time do you spend in the kitchen? Which items and equipment do you use most often and which ones not so much? What you use on a daily basis should be on the counter or on open shelves, while what you use only occasionally should be hidden behind closed doors. You’ll be able to tell whether you require open or closed type elements once you’ve established these details. It’s a good idea to develop a list of frequently used equipment so you can estimate the number and placement of plugs you’ll need. When searching the Internet for ideas, you have seen that there are different types of kitchens. The space available when making a kitchen is generally limited and imposes a choice, but if you have plenty of space, then choose as you wish.

Kitchen island

You can also follow some of these ideas as well:

The Peninsula kitchen: this is an ideal solution for equipping large, spacious kitchens. In this way, the kitchen can be separated from other rooms, and the difference between the kitchen and the dining room is clearly defined.

An L-shaped kitchen: In this kitchen, the elements are placed on two adjacent walls. It is also called a “corner” kitchen and is very practical and functional with limited space.

Linear kitchen: this is the simplest model of the kitchen, which is located along one wall or along two opposite walls (double linear kitchen). It is a good solution for smaller spaces as well as for fans of functional design.

Take into account storage space

Storage space is essential in every kitchen, traditional or ultra-modern. Plan enough space for the counter that will be a necessary auxiliary surface during work. Add kitchen shelves for storage to keep work surfaces unloaded and tidy.

And the last but not least important step in the efficient creation of a functional modern kitchen is the appliance setup. The rule of the “golden triangle” is the basic rule for setting the layout of kitchen appliances, i.e., sinks, refrigerators, and stoves. A kitchen designer will help you with this in order to make the best possible layout based on installations and needs. This setting determines all the other elements in the kitchen.

With all this in mind, what is left is to think it all through and make sure to follow the guidelines, and you’ll have a new and functioning kitchen in no time.

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