How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent

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Finding the best real estate agent should be your priority, irrespective of whether you want to sell or buy a new home. Such an agent will help you manage one of the biggest transactions that you will ever make in this life. You may want to save time and money and be tempted to hire the first real estate agent that comes your way. However, you may end up disappointed as some will not deliver up to your expectations. The agent you choose can either make or break your home-selling/ home-buying process. Although It is also very important to ask your agent about inheritance tax gift allowance so long as you live for more than seven years after you make this gift, your children or family won’t have to pay Inheritance Tax on your gift when you die. However, any income or gains made from this gift could have tax implications for the beneficiary, for example, Capital Gains Tax.

How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent

The following are some of the tips to follow when looking for a real estate agent:

Identify your financing/spending options

You need to get your finances in order if you want to buy a new house. For instance, you can apply for a mortgage or any other financing type that suits your needs. You can also save for years before you decide to search for a real estate agent. On the other hand, you need to plan on how you will spend the money if you intend to sell a house. Plundering money is easy if you do not have a plan. You can also use the same agent if you intend to sell and then buy another house.

Take advantage of the trusted resources

Not every agent that promises to sell or help you get your dream will deliver to your expectations. Luckily, there are several approaches that you can apply to land at that dream agent. You can start by researching online and check reviews at expert forums and social media platforms. Getting an agent from a reputable company such as Richard Morrison Vancouver Homes guarantees you that you will deal with a professional and a great negotiator. Do not fail to ask around from people who have bought/sold their homes through such agents.

Interview the candidates

You are likely to come across tens of agents when you use the above approach. However, you cannot bring everyone on board because one agent is enough. The ideal agent should understand your local market. The number of homes that the agent has closed can indicate their level of experience with the local market. The average numbers can vary from one region, but you definitely want to end up with some of the best agents. An ideal agent for selling your home should provide a complete marketing plan to define the selling process.

How To Find A Great Real Estate Agent - real estate agent

Check on customer service

Selling or buying a home might not be a one-day affair. You are likely to go through an intensive negotiating process where you will exchange loads of messages with your real estate agent. The choice of modes of communication is the first thing you have to check. You can agree on several communications channels such as phone calls and emails you can use during your engagement period. The time it takes to answer your call or reply to your email can reflect what to expect once the process kicks off.


Flipping a coin is not the way forward to select an agent to help you buy or sell your home. However, you can check on their experience to land on the best. Research shows that a typical real estate agent has experience of 8 years. It thus means that if you come across someone with 10 years, then it is a good deal. You should also check on the certifications that the potential real estate agent has and their real estate license before signing that agreement. However, the certifications needed will vary from one country to the other. The best fit is someone with certifications and ground experience.

Hire someone you like

Do you have a favorite store where you always buy your stuff? Buying is a process that evokes emotions. A real estate agent is someone you will spend a good deal of time with for months. It thus means that you need someone you can relate with easily during the engagement. You do not have to be best friends with the agent. However, it should be someone that you can trust with the sale or buying process. Personality is thus an essential trait to check when selecting one.

Following the above tips will make it easy to land a real estate agent that suits your needs. Ensure that you deal with a company with all the permits and licenses to operate in your area. You must ensure that you learn about your duties and responsibilities and those of your real estate agent.

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