How To Sell Your House Fast Without Losing Your Shirt

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Buying a home is a great investment in your future. You get a place to call your own. It is a place where you can set roots, and then you can set of on your journey to conquer the world around you. You bought that house with the knowledge that you are going to be there for a very long time. Life isn’t that straightforward, is it?

How To Sell Your House Fast Without Losing Your Shirt

“In the course of your toils to establish and grow your kingdom, you chanced upon an opportunity that will propel you into the next stage of your life but there’s one little problem says the founder of AZ Home Offer: We Buy Houses Phoenix Arizona, Israel Ramirez, It means having to sell your home. The opportunity in a distant land is something you can’t just pass up. But how are you going to get your home to sell fast?

Find the best real estate agent in your vicinity

The thing about selling a house is this; on average, it can take anywhere from three months to a year to sell that home. This, of course, factors is the amount of paperwork you will be handling, and negotiations you are going to be holding with prospective buyers. The thing is, you don’t have that much time.

While real estate agents typically do their best to sell the home, they don’t all have the same levels of drive, expertise and experience. This helps to explain the success rates that many have, while others are lagging behind in terms of sales. Your main objective here is to sell the home fast. You absolutely need to be picky when choosing an agent to work with. All you need to do is conduct an online search to find the best agent in your area, and you are off to the best start.

Settle on the right time

A certain book that has been revered for ages has a passage that says, everything has a time and season for which they happen. That attempt at paraphrasing is poor, but so is the thinking that putting the home on the market will attract buyers who may be interested. Yes, your home may be beautiful to look at and live in, but it’s only going to sell when the time is right. Obviously, no one is going to move in winter, unless you live in California and Florida. The weather conditions just make it a terrible idea.

The best time to sell your home is in summer and spring. This allows families with children to move to a new school district in preparation for the coming school year. The pleasant weather also makes it easier to paint your home in a good light. If you have a short timeline between this moment and when you need to move, you will need to have a sit down with your real estate agent. Communicate with them the pinch you are in, and you can both decide on the best time to sell the home.

Prepare your home

There is a technique that real estate agents rely on heavily to help them sell homes. You may even get an invoice for it when the sale becomes successful. This technique is known as staging. What it simply is, is the arrangement of items in the home to simulate how it can look like, should the buyer choose to move in. It may involve putting drapes in place, decorating the home with furniture and stocking the kitchen. One thing that will be absent from staging is photos of a family. This is to help the buyer visualize what the home will feel like.

How To Sell Your House Fast Without Losing Your Shirt - sold house

The good thing is, you already have furniture in the home. What you just need to do is remove the personalized items. A good example is photos of your family. A buyer may be an empty nester and the photos of your family will remind them of this, and cause them to pass up the chance to buy the home. You will also need to get rid of the stuff that is not really necessary for staging purposes. By getting rid, it doesn’t mean throwing them away, but rather donating, or storing them in a different location as you get ready to move. The illusion of space is strong. The emptier your closets and storage spaces are, the larger they will look to anyone who hasn’t lived in that home yet. Any buyer would want a home that doesn’t feel cramped, and this is why you will be removing stuff that is not necessary for the purpose of staging.

Make small changes

After years of living in that home, it is not exactly in the shape it was in when you got it. The décor and the styling of the rooms could be outdated. There could even be components of the home that don’t work as they should. You don’t need to make any drastic or major changes. This will cost you a lot of money that you may not even recover with the sale. All you need to do is ensure there are some little improvements and upgrades in strategic areas. The best of these are the bathrooms and the kitchen. You can also look at the faucets and the sockets, drapes and lighting fixtures to give your home a different feel.

A great way to get that buyer to immediately fall in love with what they see is not to get them hile they are in the house, but even before they set foot in. Curb appeal is so named because it is powerful. A house that looks good from the outside is always worth checking out. For this, you will need to ensure everything on the outside of the home is in tip top shape. You will need to mow the lawn and trim hedges. A good edging on the lawn will give it clean likes that are just satisfying to look at. You could also get the siding painted to give it a fresh look, and then finish it up with a pressure wash on your driveway.

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