A Guide to Garage Organization, Storage, and Cleaning

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Garage organization and cleaning are perhaps the most frequently postponed tasks as they tend to be time-consuming and complex, but with a structured approach, there is nothing to be frustrated with! The bad news is that eventually, you will have to allocate some time and deal with your garage and its clutter. The good news is that once you get through this process step by step and adopt healthy habits, there will be no need to repeat it any time soon.

A Guide to Garage Organization, Storage, and Cleaning

This guide focuses on two main stages of putting your garage in order: cleaning and organizing to make it a proper storage place and workshop in one. Let’s get started!


Specialists from Garage Door Nation helped to determine the necessary steps of comprehensive garage cleaning. Still, it is also essential to understand that regularity is key to make further cleanups less painstaking and tedious.


A superb cleaning is impossible without decluttering the space first. Garages are commonly used for storing things that are no longer needed in the house. It is time to change it and start using this space more appropriately. It is an excellent opportunity to get rid of so many items that are no longer of any use for you, free up some space to organize your garage properly, and find a new home for articles that cannot be stored in the garage. For example, do not keep paint there, as its structure can break due to inappropriate temperatures.

Follow a simple rule of the keep, donate, trash, sell, and go through every single thing you store there, including all of the electronic parts, nuts, and bolts, toolkits, sports equipment, leftover materials from the last renovation, and unpacked boxes. Make sure you checked everything you have at the garage, and if you do not want to throw them away – you can always donate, arrange a yard sale, or give them to your friends. You will most likely be surprised by how much free space you have there and how airy it is! Try to get in the habit of decluttering your house’s stuffed places every few months, so they will no longer negatively affect your productivity.

Deep Clean

After you decide what items stay with you and which of them you are letting go of, the next move is to take everything out and wash the entire space very thoroughly. If possible, remove all the shelving and storage containers (make sure to clean them too!) and leave the room empty. It is better to start by cleaning the walls and upper corners, so the excessive dust will eventually sit on the floor. It is time to vacuum debris, dust bunnies, and cobwebs, remove mold with a special solution, and thoroughly wash the walls with a sponge and clean water. It will make your garage a healthier and fresh place to operate in.

Next, examine the condition of your flooring. If it is all good, you can intensively sweep and mop it, wiping stains later. But it can also have some cracks to fix and seal, or more challenging smudges to scrub out – do not neglect it. The garage floor is susceptible to soak grease, liquid, paint, and oil – consider covering its surface with sealant for an additional protection layer. Do not forget about the garage door! They also deserve to be cleaned from both sides. But before you start washing them with a sponge, it would be helpful to remove the excess dirt with a brush and then hose them – it will make the process more smooth and less tiresome.


When the clean up is completed, you can move to the organization of the garage storage. Like with any complex task, it would be easier to divide the whole process into smaller steps and have fun!

A Guide to Garage Organization, Storage, and Cleaning - clean garage

Create a Layout

You do not have to prepare a professional layout here. It will be enough if you sketch the placement of the main things to determine the most ergonomic way to organize a garage. At this stage, you will be able to look at your garage from a different perspective, allocate particular working places, and ensure you make the most out of the space you have.

Organize a Garage Storage

What you need to do now is to get your stuff organized in the way that works best for you. You can either group them depending on their purposes of use, for example, create separate zones for tools for car repairs and those for gardening, or relying on their size or how frequently you need them. If you think that additional containers, bins, boxes, and whatnots will make your garage even more cluttered, you are not quite right. They will be your helpers in keeping the items at their places, and additionally will free up some more space for you! For that reason, you may prefer shelving to cabinets, as their open form allows you not to get lost in all the stuff you own, saves you time, and makes wall space functional.

There are numerous ways to expand your storage space, from hanging things you seldom use to the ceiling to building a portable tool caddy (yes, on wheels!). Additionally, instead of buying new boxes to store small parts and details, you can reuse cans and plastic food containers! You can choose anything that will meet your needs, but remember that the garage floor must be free, so you could move around the place without distractions and the possibility to harm yourself.

Sort the Items

Finish line! When the garage is already thoroughly cleaned, and all the necessary shelves and hooks are mounted, you can finally fill them with your equipment. Getting those items in particular places is indeed satisfying! You can get creative here and use markers to sign the tool boxers or cans with small parts – it will make your navigation and works here quicker and easier. When all is done, if you get in the habit of putting them back right after using them, you will easily maintain things in order. You can even take a photo of your garage’s perfect state and pin it on a pegboard to remind yourself how spacious and clean this room is.


Garage organization, storage, and a big clean will definitely require time, effort, and a plan to get through it, but it is indeed a noble cause. Garages tend to be a bit overlooked when it comes to housekeeping, and the more clutter you get there, the less you want to do anything about it. With a proper approach and some additional tips, you indeed are capable of turning this place into your workshop, your place of power! For example, going through a decluttering phase will not only free up some space but also your head! After that, you are unlikely going to stop and drop the case halfway! Do not look at getting your garage organized as a punishment or a burden! Consider it an investment into your future comfort and productivity.

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