Making the Most of Your Space: 5 Best Storage Solutions for Small Homes

The average size of a house in the U.S. is over 2,000 square feet. If you have a house that is much smaller, it might be a challenge for you to fit all of your things. There are storage solutions for small homes, and you can also use organization hacks to get more out of your space.

5 Best Storage Solutions for Small Homes

Continue reading this article, and we are going to go through small house storage ideas to help you store your things neatly.

Use Hooks and Open Shelves

If you don’t have storage near your doorway, you can use hooks and open shelves to put coats, shoes, and other odds and ends that need a place to go. If you space them out enough, it doesn’t have to look like the area is crowded.

Hide Your Storage

There are a lot of different hidden storage options from couches with under storage, ottomans with storage, and more. Search the web for furniture with hidden storage, and you’ll see plenty of different options.

Use a Storage Tower

Storage towers come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on how tall your counter is, one size might work better for you than others. Make sure to measure before you get a storage tower. You don’t want it to be too tall for the area you want to place it. Storage towers are often made of metal, but there are also wood storage towers if you prefer that look.

5 Best Storage Solutions for Small Homes - storage towers

Opt for Door Hangers

You can hang hooks over the top of your door that can be used for various reasons. You might have a towel hanger or a shoe rack. There are a lot of different door hanging tools you can use, so find which one will be the most helpful and use them wherever necessary. Make sure the part of the hanger you put over the door isn’t too big, or your door won’t be able to close.

Consider Adding a Building

If you are using these tips and you still find yourself busting at the seams, one option many people find helpful is adding a building to your land. You can learn more about different types of buildings from different sizes to different materials. Before getting a building, make sure it is okay with your HOA. Some HOAs only allow you to have storage buildings made from certain materials or buildings that resemble your home. This is not a situation where you should ask forgiveness instead of permission. If you don’t have an HOA, then it should be fine for you to put any type of building you want on your property.

Storage Solutions for Small Homes for the Win

Now you know more about storage solutions for small homes. You can use these clever storage ideas for small homes to keep your things safe and organized. Do you want to learn more about keeping your home neat and tidy? Continue reading our blog for more.

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