Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner 

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There is no denying that being a homeowner is one of the most challenging jobs on the planet. If you are like most homeowners, your main goal is to keep the various parts of your home in pristine shape. As certain parts of your home – such as your garage door – start to age, they will begin to fail and will need to be repaired or replaced. In Texas, when faced with a Houston garage door repair issue, you must get it fixed immediately before it gets worse.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner

With the proper amount of maintenance, you can avoid severe garage door repair problems. The following are some garage door maintenance tips every homeowner should know.

Lubricate All Moving Parts

More than 73% of the homeowners in the United States claim to have dealt with a home repair issue in the last six months. If you want to prevent garage door repair problems, you need to get familiar with the moving parts this system has. Parts such as the rollers and tracks on your garage door will require regular lubrication to stay functional. When temperatures outside start to dip, the existing lubrication on your garage door’s moving parts will dry out.

By reapplying lubricant, you can keep these parts working as they should. There are many affordable spray lubricants on the market that are designed to be used on these metal components. Consulting with a garage door repair professional can help you figure out how often this type of maintenance needs to be performed.

Check and Replace Garage Door Weatherstripping

When buying a new garage door, most people want an option that provides increased energy-efficiency. Garage doors that feature both insulation and weatherstripping can help you keep the inside of your garage comfortable without spending a lot of money. As time goes by, the weatherstripping around the edge of your garage door will start to dry out and deteriorate. If this damaged weatherstripping is not replaced, air will escape and could ultimately affect the temperature in your home as well.

Luckily, there are a number of replacement weatherstripping options on the market today. Investing in thick garage door weatherstripping can help you improve your home energy efficiency levels. If you are unsure about how to replace garage door weatherstripping, hire a professional to make sure it is done correctly. With professional assistance, you can get your new weatherstripping in place quickly.

Take Some Time to Tighten Your Hardware

Another important way you can maintain your garage door is to routinely tighten the hardware. The nuts, bolts and screws that hold your garage door track and motor in place will loosen over time. If these components aren’t tightened regularly, it is only a matter of time before parts of your garage door start becoming loose and potentially fall out.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Every Homeowner - garage door

During this hardware tightening procedure, take the time to inspect the hardware you encounter. If you notice any damaged threads or nuts during this inspection, replace them immediately. Leaving this damaged hardware in place can lead to dangerous incidents, with the potential to damage your garage door and any vehicles inside. By replacing the damaged hardware early on, you can keep your garage door functional and damage-free.

Inspect Your Rollers

The rollers are one of the most important components your garage door has. Without these rollers, you would be unable to roll your garage door up and down when needed. The rollers on your garage door can get damaged over time. Inspecting your rollers regularly and replacing any damaged ones can help you keep your garage door reliable for years to come.

Work with the Professionals 

If you encounter problems with your garage door, it is best to hire professionals to fix them. With their help, you can get your garage door problems diagnosed and fixed in a timely and safe manner.

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