8 Maintenance Tips for Your Garage Doors in the Spring

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Family Christian Doors always stress the significance of preventative maintenance on our garage door website. Taking care of this tireless garage door system makes sure it serves your family well, and that parts like your garage door tracks and garage door opener stay looking and working at their best.

Cleaning garage door mechanism

When it comes to this type of care, the spring season brings its fair share of difficulties and challenges. The winter season is also a tough time for garage doors. From surviving extreme weather conditions to dealing with high temperature and humidity, there is a lot that one has to encounter during the winter months, and a lot of maintenance is left to do in the spring season. Below, Family Christian Doors, your Crowley garage door provider for repairs and more, tackles a few items you should pay attention to this spring season as you go about your spring maintenance checklist.

Give Your Garage Door A Rapid Inspection

Just like with the rest of your exteriors at home- your sidings, roof, walls, etcetera- your garage door installation needs thorough inspections on the ground. Even if things are not damaged, this spring inspections can catch tiny issues now before they turn big garage door repair bills down the road. What is amazing about this type of inspection: anyone can do it! While we suggest contacting an expert for garage door repairs, learning to tell if something goes off is risk-free and easily accessible. Look for areas that need your attention and common signs that it is time to reach out to a professional garage door company.

Check Your Garage Door Tracks

These two hefty metal devices on either side of your garage door- or the bottom and top in some garage door models- ensure that your garage door tracks the same path every time. For the time being, though, know that garage doors withstand a lot of friction every day- and that it is usual in the spring season to need some lubrication. Indications that your garage door tracks fall into that classification include, mainly, sounds. Yet, that can also be a sign of a further, far bigger issue, so it is beneficial to have a garage door firm check if lubrication does not work.

Evaluate Your Garage Door Cables and Springs

Cables and springs work together to open your garage door and close it on command. As you can think, they also do a lot of work every day. Plus, since garage doors are made of metal, the winter season can be extra challenging for them. Your garage door cables will show an indication of wear in the form of looseness, fraying, or a shaky garage door. Your garage door springs might be inefficient if they do not fully lift the garage door or it slips shut.

Tighten the Bolts and Nuts

Garage door hardware can slacken over time, making the garage door shake, lift unevenly, or fail to lift altogether. Using a socket wrench, screw all garage door tracks and other hardware to keep your garage door functioning smoothly.

Lubricating garage door

Lubricate the Moving Components

Keep all of the moving elements of your garage door greased, such as rollers, springs, and hinges. It will not only enhance the daily function of your garage door but will also extend the lifespan of your garage door system. Coat the garage door parts evenly with a silicone spray or lithium lubricant, removing away the excess grease to keep it from leaking onto your garage door or car.

Fix the Problems With Your Weatherstripping

These are straight, long parts of stuff that line the sides and bottom of your garage door. Their primary job is to keep the wind out, snow, and water, so as you can imagine, they serve a significant role when it comes to operating against winter, and they may require care and attention in the spring season. Signs of failure are noticeable and include prominent cracks and drafts. It is significant to note that they also function to make your garage cool in the summer, so it is an excellent idea to ensure they are ready for any season.

Clean Your Garage Door’s Exterior

As the first car wash in the spring, washing your garage door after a long winter can be a satisfying job. We install any garage door brands from Clopay and other leading garage door manufacturers. We also advise about excellent models and specific brands. One thing that cannot be done again enough: do not use a pressure washer. If unintentionally misused, it can demonstrate severe damage to the exterior of your garage door. Plus, you generally do not need that strength to get it cleaned.

Book an Appointment for Your Garage Door’s Yearly Checkup and Maintenance

Family Christian Doors advise that garage doors need at least a minimum of once per year, and we could not agree more. Professional maintenance and attention make sure that you do not encounter service interruption, for one, and it can also help you save time, effort, and cash in the long run. You will avoid spending a lot of money on extra repairs. If your checkups do not turn up anything, if you have not recently had a garage door firm for expert garage door services, now is the time!

Family Christian Doors: Quick Garage Door Repairs, Installations, Maintenance, And More

We are glad to assist you in assessing your garage door in the springtime. We are your partners in any garage door maintenance and care. Reach our Crowley office now for more details.

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