Everything You Need to Know About Gearwrench Socket Set

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The Gearwrench brand introduced the patented 5-degree ratcheting wrench in 1996, and since then, it has been known for superior quality and serviceability. Offering a full line of hand tools, from ratchets, screwdrivers to speciality automotive tools, the sophisticated Gearwrench sockets rank high among every day go-to tools.

Everything You Need to Know About Gearwrench Socket Set

A socket set is a must in your tool collection when you have to work with socket wrenches, consisting of ratchet and socket. Whether it’s a regular or impact socket, stores like, mektronics.com.au, offer Gearwrench socket sets with the flexibility to tackle various types of fasteners, fitting a diverse range of nuts and bolts. Here are some key aspects regarding the Gearwrench socket set, which will convince you to invest in this reputed brand for your handy tool.

Gearwrench Socket Set

Tightening and loosening up bolts would have been an uphill task if it were not for the versatile Gearwrench sockets. With so many different shapes of nuts and bolts, only a branded socket set kit, like Gearwrench, is likely to offer add-ons for any size of fastener possible. Knowing the frequently used varieties of nuts and bolts, the brand offers a kit with the right socket combinations. The sturdy sockets are available in deep and standard styles, which surpass the ASME specifications, making the brand stand out among its competitors.


Considering the physical structure of the Gearwrench sockets, their comfortable gripping fit well into fasteners. Moreover, using chrome alloy steel increases the socket durability and the coating of black asphalt reduces corrosion. Gearwrench sets high-quality standards; the brand presents sockets with rust-resistant settings, making them perfect for heavy-duty use. Also, with the durable carry case, tool organisation and portability are not a hurdle if you are always on the go.


Gearwrench sockets come in various sizes, like 1/4”, 3/8” and 1/2”. The small socket sets, 1/4″ or 3/8″, have head sizes ranging anywhere between 3mm and 18mm, with drive type being 6 and 12 points. And the 1/2″ drive sockets come with a parallel neck down design for improved access to restricted fasteners. The brand offers socket sets with an ensemble of various sizes; usually, groups of 10, 12, 29 or 56 sockets, fulfilling your nuts and bolts fastening requirements.

Everything You Need to Know About Gearwrench Socket Set - big set

Productive Features

The most popular Gearwrench socket set is the GEARWRENCH 29 Pc. 1/2″ Drive 6 Pt. Impact Socket Set- 84935N. This product comes with sophisticated features that speak volumes about the brand. The hex opening design offers a radial off-corner loading design, making the socket useful for the extreme mechanic application. The laser etching and hard-stamping markings create long-lasting and highly-visible text. These sockets offer high power and torque provisions with both air and cordless impact wrenches.


Gearwrench sockets are affordable with a lot of value to gain since they set quality bars exceeding other reputed brands. You will also find these socket sets super convenient for your DIY projects, making the brand compatible with all consumer groups, rather than only focusing on specialists. The Gearwrench socket sets have earned deserving notoriety for robustness and speed, in a range of both SAE and metric configurations. Consult a trusted dealer and invest in this leading brand, synonymous with sockets and other essential tools to serve your automotive requirements.

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