Everything to know about a flush wall door

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Choosing a Filomuro door is a selection based on different interior design needs: preserving a room’s minimal aesthetic; making access to secondary areas – such as cupboards or storage rooms – less obvious; allowing distinctive decorative features over larger areas, including the “door” throughout the decorative procedure.

Everything to know about a flush wall door

Today, Filomuro, our collection of doors fitting flat to the wall (Flush Wall), can be tailored to most models in the ranges, while the more specific varieties: sliding, hinged with two doors, or even angled doors for roof spaces.

Perfect For Bold Or Unique Design Interior

Concealed door frames have become trendy among interior designers looking for doors that offer optimum accessibility and give places a contemporary touch while not compromising on quality and design. In addition, our invisible door frames have a minimalist appearance with a modern touch reinforced by long-lasting and inexpensive materials. Our flush wall doors can be ideal for you, whether you have limited surface space or modern decor. As a result of their refreshing change of style, modern flush doors with concealed frames for interior office design are also increasing.

Make No Structural Stability Compromise

Whenever it comes to construction, designing a door frame that doesn’t compromise structural integrity aesthetically can be tough. There is no compromise on the aesthetics with other types of doors, but the problem is that structural stability is often disregarded. But concealed door frames give optimum accessibility and utility without ignoring the integrity of the structure. The frame can be readily used for left or right, inswing, or outswing. The primary reason these sophisticated flush doors with concealed frames have grown popular is that they don’t lack utility and never risk the structure’s appearance – something that is highly important for the overall security of the construction.

Everything to know about a flush wall door - doors

Installation Revolutionized With Flush Doors

Hidden frame doors with concealed hinges have revolutionized the way people were installing flush doors. Although it is a unique concept, it has a very simple design, and therefore the installation is also simple. We can ensure you the basic and practical design allows the installation of flush doors easier without any hassles. Once the hidden door system has been installed, there is no doorframe visibility on either side, so only the door leaf remains visible. It can accommodate 4-9/16′′ — 5-1/8′′ thick door openings. We can state with absolute confidence that our hidden door system’s visual experience is as staggering as it sounds. This is because the panel on the flush door is completely flat. So, it will look like an invisible door that doesn’t have a casing or trim. No wonder, among the country’s designers, this is becoming widely sought for modern design. You can also view our designs for frameless interior doors.

A Vital Ingredient: Door Hinges Concealed

There should be simply no compromise on the quality of hidden door hinges to get a beautiful look flush wall look. Standard ball bearing hinges are, after all, plainly visible and very voluminous. That is why hidden door hinges play a crucial role in correctly aligning themselves without being seen in the door opening. The hinges are vital for our hidden door frames because when you open the door, they do not stick out and are fully invisible once you close it. Here we concentrate on making sure the installation is as straightforward as possible. Thus, our hidden door frame and hidden hinges provide varied designs and straightforward installation.

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