Three Top Construction Materials To Speed Up Your Project

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With a construction project, time is literally money. If your building doesn’t go up on schedule, it can affect your bottom line. You now have to pay for the extra days workers will be onsite. If the delay was caused by a mistake, this means you have to redo whatever was done incorrectly and new materials will have to be bought. There are lots of factors that can contribute to these kinds of delays on a construction project. One can be the types of materials used.

Three Top Construction Materials To Speed Up Your Project

If workers don’t understand the materials or find them difficult to work with they will use them incorrectly. This may result in untold business and reputation costs for you. Consider using the following materials to speed up your projects, while observing safety regulations and cutting costs.


Prefabricated materials can significantly cut down the amount of time you spend on a building project. This is because they are designed to be quickly fitted into place on the project site. To give a sense of the benefits conveyed by prefab kit homes for example, in the UK, the average home takes 4-6 weeks to be ready for the owner. A prefab kit home can be ready in as little as 20 days. Prefabs do not require specialist skills to assemble, so you don’t spend extra time looking for trained tradespeople to assemble them. Construction steel can be pre-molded and shaped long before they reach the construction site. To see what’s possible, look at all this one steel pole manufacturer does with this versatile product. Gone are the days when you’d have to wait days for workers to bend steel into the appropriate shapes to put into foundations and to use as joists. Even better, it is predicted that prefab use will increase in the future as demands for homes and new commercial structures increase. 

2. Permeable concrete

Permeable concrete works by allowing rainwater to drain through its various layers so that it can enter the groundwater cycle. Apart from the environmental benefits, permeable concrete takes less time to lay down than conventional concrete, creating cost savings. Additionally, accommodating water runoff with the construction of storm drains and collection ponds tends to delay construction because permits have to be approved for these before the building can begin. Permeable concrete acts as its own water collector. There’s no need to spend extra time waiting for approval.

Three Top Construction Materials To Speed Up Your Project - timber

Mass Timber

Mass timber is wood that is treated so it has strength comparable to concrete. This construction material has been shown to reduce construction times by as much as 20 to 30 percent. This is because most mass timber products are prefabricated and can be fitted together on site.

Construction with wood can take place in any weather at any time of year, unlike steel and concrete. This quality also speeds up construction. It is easier to coordinate construction sites that utilize mass timber. They require less transportation and labor to put up, which also results in time saved. The next time you want to save time on a project, you can consider these three construction materials. Each is acquiring a reputation for cost and environmental efficiency as well as ease of use.

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