How to Fix a Halogen Cooker

The technology available to us today is continuously developing. Cost-efficient and energy-saving alternatives to all devices and appliances we use have certainly flooded the market. A prime example of technology in the world of cooking is using halogen ovens. These ovens cook food faster and better. They can reach high temperatures without consuming much energy. Additionally, they have strong fans to even out the heat emitted. You can fit a halogen cooker in less space than traditional ones, and you get efficiency every time.

How to Fix a Halogen Cooker

But even the smartest and most advanced technologies are not free of issues. Should any errors arise, this article will help you deal with them properly.

A Closer Look at Halogen Cookers

Halogen ovens are futuristic-looking kitchen appliances. They operate by employing bright halogen light bulbs to produce heat that spread all over the cooker with the help of a fan. This helps the entire surface of the food cook perfectly. Inside a halogen cooker, a thermostat takes control of the temperature, meaning that the light knows when to turn on and off. Not only does a halogen oven save space due to its compact size, but it will also cook three times faster than conventional ovens.

Causes of Halogen Cooker Problems

As said before, halogen ovens are great alternatives to their traditional counterparts. Like all appliances, ovens will need maintenance and repairs as they age. Because cooking is a daily necessity, people may notice a few issues with their halogen ovens, such as a decrease in power or the malfunction of the halogen bulb. Luckily, there are doable solutions to resolve such issues. Since learning about the causes is the first step towards addressing them, here are some common issues halogen cooker users may face in addition to ways of solving them.

1.   Malfunctioning Fan

Halogen ovens heat up pretty fast compared to conventional ovens. This factors in lesser cooking time. Fans inside halogen cookers help circulate air to evenly distribute it inside the oven. If the fan stops working, users will not have this handy feature. If you are facing this issue, the professionals at recommend that you look up a suitable fan model for your appliance. It is essential to use your cooker’s manual to guide you in installing the new fan. This can help you troubleshoot the problem in no time.

2.   Halogen Light Bulb Burns Out

The halogen bulb is an integral part of the oven, as it helps spread the heat evenly to the food. In case the bulb burns out, the cooker will be rendered useless. You do not need to worry because replacing a non-functional halogen bulb is not difficult. You just need to know the kind of bulb your cooker operates on. Normally, it is located on the lid that should be removed from the unit. Once you do that, get the glass out, unscrew the old bulb, and insert the new one.

How to Fix a Halogen Cooker - fixing

3.   Failure to Power Up

A very common issue with any device is failing to power up. The first thing you need to do is to be sure that the oven is plugged into an outlet. You should also remember to switch the outlet on while using the appliance. If you checked all of that from your to-do list and there is no change, then it is better to check how things are going in the circuit breaker of your house. Perhaps the breaker may be tripped, causing this power outage. If that is the case, you can just switch the breaker back on. In case it is deeper than that, then you might need to replace the power cord itself.

4.   Glass Bowls Get Broken

Halogen cookers have an integrated glass bowl where food is cooked. It is placed on a rack inside the cooker. In case of an accident that causes the glass container to break,  the logical solution would simply be to replace it. However, the tricky part is that halogen ovens do not integrate any type of glass. This means that it is time to give a call to the manufacturer of your appliance and find a replacement part. Typically, these will not cost much, especially if you are still in the warranty period. If you are not, and they find an underlying issue with the bowl structure, you can get one for free.

Cooking techniques and options have come a long way, especially with the help of technology. Halogen cookers are great appliances to be added to every kitchen. Their concept is simple as their name: using halogen bulbs to cook food quickly with great quality. With all their great advantages, they are still electronics. So, they are prone to mishaps and errors. Luckily, the solutions are easy and effective to get your device back on track.

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  1. Any tips if the halogen lights won’t stay on and preheat to the desired temperature? Ours keeps turning off and on and never reaches the preset temperature. Any suggestions would help. Or maybe it isn’t fixable?

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