Is It Safe To Have a Fire Pit Under a Covered Patio?

If you are interested in placing a fire pit outdoors, you may be curious whether it is safe to put it under a covered patio, awning, or roof. Placing a fire pit in any spot outdoors may seem like an easy and safe decision since you are technically outside, but safety issues can arise when you put anything too close to a flame. It may be safe to have a propane fire pit under a roof or covered patio if the roof is tall enough and is fireproof. However, avoid using covers like umbrellas and gazebos near fire pits since they are flammable. Placing a wood-burning fire pit under any covered patio is never safe.

fire pit under gazebo

This article will explore the above in further detail and provide some helpful safety tips for placing a fire pit under a covered patio. So, let’s talk about putting a roof over your fire pit and how to do so safely.

Safety Precautions When Installing a Fire Pit

The most critical factor when installing a fire pit under a covered patio is its location. Experts suggest that a fire pit, even a smokeless fire pit such as the Solo Stove, should be a minimum of 10 feet away from any structures, which includes a covered patio. However, every fire pit is different, and you’ll find information on safe usage in your owner’s manual. For example, you may be able to use a very small mini-fire pit in a gazebo or patio, but the larger the pit gets, the more dangerous it will be to use near other structures.

Other precautions to take into consideration when installing a fire pit under a covered patio include:

  • Select propane rather than a wood-burning fire pit
  • Ensure you have a fire extinguisher nearby during use
  • Avoid turning it on during dry and windy weather
  • Do not install close to nearby trees or handing branches
  • Pay attention to the safety instructions in the owner’s manual of your specific fire pit

For safety reasons, choosing propane rather than a wood-burning fire pit is a good idea if you contemplate placing it under a covered patio, gazebo, or roof. Gas fire pits don’t release sparks and burn more cleanly, reducing the chances that the flames will spread outside the pit. Also worth mentioning is that certain cities or towns may have different restrictions on fire pit installation and placement. It is a good idea to check on these safety codes before installing any outdoor fire pit under your covered patio.

Can You Place a Fire Pit Under a Gazebo?

You cannot place a fire pit under a gazebo in most cases. Most fire pits get too hot for use underneath a gazebo, and there may not be enough ventilation under the covered roof. The air must flow through properly when lighting a fit pit, and a gazebo with solid walls does not allow for proper air circulation. In most cases, gazebos are not tall enough to safely house a fire pit. Hot air rises, and if there’s a roof on your gazebo, it will get increasingly hot as the fire pit burns. Eventually, if your gazebo consists of flammable materials like wood, it will char and potentially catch on fire.

Can You Place a Fire Pit Under a Roof?

It is safe to place a fire pit under a roof outdoors if the fire pit runs on gas and the ceiling is high enough. However, most roofs are not safe to use with fire pits as they are usually too low and consist of flammable materials. If you are considering putting a fire pit under a roof for a date night, it is critical to take aspects such as the ceiling height and the roof material into account. Like a fire pit under a gazebo, the roof should be at a reasonable distance and height from the flames – minimum area clearance of at least 60 inches (152.4 cm) and ceiling height of 10 feet (3.05 m).    The roof construction material is also vital for fire pit safety. Ensuring it is not easily flammable is essential since proper ventilation is required. One example of roofing material that could catch fire easily is wood. However, cement, concrete, tile, and metal are all fireproof materials that won’t catch a spark. Remember that airflow is critical for the emitted heat to avoid damaging the roof.

fire pit under pergola

Can You Place a Fire Pit Under an Umbrella?

It is not a safe idea to place a fire pit under an umbrella, as the heat from the fire can damage the umbrella material, and it could catch fire. The most common umbrella and rod materials, such as wood and plastic, are highly flammable. If you have no choice but to keep the umbrella as a patio cover during fire pit use, then make sure you can change the height to a safe enough distance from the fire. Limit the time of fire pit use under the umbrella as well, as shorter duration could prove to be less damaging and make it safer. Never leave a fire pit unattended, and ensure the fire is extinguished or turned off before walking away.

Can You Place a Wood Burning Fire Pit Under a Covered Patio?

It is never wise or safe to use a fire pit under a covered patio, especially not indoors where zero ventilation exists. However, you may be able to use a small gas fire pit under a covered patio if the ceiling is high enough and you have plenty of ventilation. Wood-burning fire pits need plenty of space outdoors for the fire to breathe freely and for the smoke to release appropriately. There are ways to reduce the smoke from your fire pit, but overall you have to be careful to give it space. Deadly smoke released into the air, the oxygen source diminishing, and sparks that can fly onto flammable materials and structures are a few reasons you should never place a wood-burning fire pit indoors.

Not to mention, having a wood-burning fire pit indoors can cause damage to flooring and overall indoor construction of the home. Gas fire pits can also be dangerous when you place them under a covered patio, but a little less so than wood-burning fire pits. Gas fire pits won’t send out sparks, which can help eliminate one source of potential fires, but they still get very hot and could catch your patio aflame. You should only use a fire pit under a covered patio if your safety manual says it’s okay. However, using any flame underneath a patio is dangerous in most cases.


When installing a fire pit under a covered patio, gazebo, umbrella, or roof, you must ensure the fire pit has enough space between the fire and the top of the covered patio. Also, ensure the fire pit is away from trees or any materials that could be flammable. Check the restrictions in your city or town before installing and using a fire pit under your covered patio. Moreover, it is a good idea to always have a fire extinguisher nearby in case of fire-related emergencies.

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