How to Upscale Your Backyard for Date Nights

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Whether you’re single and what the perfect place to bring your dates or want to spice up date night with your partner, a backyard is the perfect place to do it. You don’t need to spend a lot of money or effort to improve your backyard. Your simple green space may be transformed into the ultimate outdoor escape with a few inexpensive renovations and design ideas.

How to Upscale Your Backyard for Date Nights

To construct a yard you’ll adore, try these budget-friendly backyard ideas, which include DIY furniture and low-cost landscaping ideas.

Build a Shed

Create a cozy escape that’s reserved for special occasions. Sheds are no longer just for storing the lawnmower. From she-sheds to workshops, they’re a great addition to your outdoor space. But rather than turning it into a woodworking space, create a romantic spot for you and your date. Building your shed can be a very satisfying DIY project. But before installing your shed you may need to obtain a building permit, depending on your local building laws. You may also need to hire equipment to prepare the spot for the shed. However, many sheds come pre-constructed, making for a quick installation.

Backyard Fire Pit

There are few things more romantic than getting cozy next to the fire — and that’s scientifically proven. And a fire pit is great all year round. Warm summer nights or cool autumn evenings are best spent around a backyard fire pit. This simple and low-priced project can be finished over a single weekend. Low-cost materials like angled pavers and gravel can make up the foundation, and then you just need firewood to get you going. If you don’t have access to firewood it can be delivered to you, simply input an online query firewood delivery near me and your firewood is on the way to your fire pit. Once again, before putting a fire pit in your backyard, check local ordinances and/or your homeowner’s association.

Don’t Forget Your Lighting

Outdoor LED lights or ‘fairy’ lights remain an evergreen favorite for porches and patios with good reason. They are celebratory, fun, and provide a wonderful aesthetic with their deep warm glow while keeping the light from becoming too distracting. Not to mention that lighting is a great way to set the mood!

How to Upscale Your Backyard for Date Nights - date in backyard

Plant Inexpensive Perennials

Need to show off a more delicate side to yourself? Why not think about flowers? And no, you won’t suddenly find yourself spending a ton of your time and money to keep these alive. Perennials come back every year, saving you money in the long term on landscaping. Fill your garden flower beds just once and watch them bloom every spring. When planting perennials, make sure to plant them correctly to keep them looking their best.

P.S. Plants are great for the environment too!

Patio Furniture

Now that your backyard looks great, you need a spot for you and your date to enjoy it. Use benches, chairs, and tables, to outfit your backyard. You may be tempted to just get two chairs, but now that your backyard is so lovely, you may be entertaining your friends as well out back soon. Want to save some money on outdoor furniture? A popular low-cost garden idea is to dry-stack concrete blocks and cover them with foam mats. They can stay safe under a patio covering, or you can put them around your fire pit, underneath your beautiful lights, and any other beautiful spot.

Enjoy Your Night Under the Stars

Don’t settle for just another night watching TV on the couch. Change things up with a paradise right outside your backdoor. Make it your own, and look forward to the moments you’ll share with someone special in your backyard. Whether around a fire pit or in a cozy wooden shed, you won’t forget these romantic nights.

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