Is The Smokeless Solo Stove Fire Pit A Good Buy?

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Kitchen products are one of the things people are quick to develop an interest in. Every new day, there is a new kitchen gadget to shop for, and people are lining up to purchase them because of the special features they claim to have or how different they are from what we are used to.

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The Solo Stove firepit is the new kid on the block, and many want to know if this kitchen addition is any good so they can join the bandwagon by purchasing them with a Solo Stove coupon code or if the products are not worth the hype. This article answers your questions and reveals all you need about the Solo Stove.

What Is The Solo Stove?

Solo Stove goods are fire pits made of stainless steel, designed to efficiently solve all camp stove-related problems by creating a smokeless, easy, and safe way to build a fire on almost any surface.

Features Of The Solo Stove

The Solo Stove’s major feature is its smokelessness. At the stove’s base, there is an inbuilt wood holder and a removable ashtray where the ash is stored. The manufacturers explained that air is drawn into the stove through the outer holes and forced back into the unit through the interior holes throughout the wood-burning process. This way, a secondary burn which is hotter and essentially smokeless, is easily produced. Another attractive feature about the stove is that it has been mostly preassembled, and there’s not much work to do after purchase. All that is required is to just place the removable inner rings on the unit properly. Proper placement of this ring enables the flames to be pushed back into the pit’s interior holes to give that smokeless effect.

Furthermore, the fire pit comes with a carrying case, making it more convenient to be moved around when needed, and it also comes with a stand so it can be used on different surfaces. With this stand, the firepit can be used on grass and concrete. The Solo Stove is also made from heavy-duty steel, making it more durable and capable of resisting the extremely hot temperatures generated by the secondary burn. Conveniently, the stoves are still lightweight. However, the units’ exteriors tend to get very hot, making it imperative to be cautious around when it is in use and a few minutes later.

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Different Models Of The Solo Stove

The Solo Stove comes in four sizes, all with different functions and distinctive features:

Solo Stove Model Diameter In Inches Height In Inches Weight In Kg Material
Yukon 27 17 18.9 Stainless Steel
Bonfire 19.5 14 10.6 Stainless steel
Ranger 15 12.5 6.8 Stainless Steel
Mesa 5.1 6.8 0.64 Stainless Steel


For fire pit beginners and professionals, the Solo Stove model 2.0 is a great buy as it is a good upgrade from the original models. With additions like removable ashtrays solving the major problem experienced with model 1.0, the new Solo Stove might be the perfect product to solve your fire pit need. If you need a fire pit that is not as prone to rust as the ones you are used to, this product is highly recommended, as it comes with a coverup to protect it from weathering-related concerns. The Solo Stove is also quite affordable, considering the new features and added benefits. Compared to many other popular fire pits, the Solo Stove is sold at a middle-range price, making it a good deal. Considering features like performance, ease of use, cost, and portability, the new Solo Stoves can be a great addition to your kitchen.

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