How to fight pool evaporation

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If you own a pool, you know how much it takes to maintain or renovate it. Everything from the water quality to the temperature, to the filtration, needs constant testing and checking. However, one aspect that’s particularly frustrating for many pool owners is that of water evaporation. According to the Department of Energy, water evaporation is the cause of 70% of water loss in pools. Estimates say your pool will lose about 1/4 inch of water a day or about 2 inches per week.
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This is money out of your pocket. To keep that water and that money where it belongs, here are a few ways you can lessen or stop water evaporation from your pool.

Reduce Heat

You can’t fight physics, and physics says warm water evaporates faster than cold water. One only need to see the steam rising from boiling water to see how quickly it happens. When there’s a significant difference between the pool water’s temperature and the temperature outside, that speeds up evaporation. This usually happens at night when the outside temperature goes down, but the water temperature remains the same, especially if you have a heated pool. To stave off the evaporation, turn down or turn off the heat overnight. That keeps the water from evaporating and saves you a few bucks from having the heater run all night.

Put it Under Cover

Covering your pool when you’re not using it is the easiest way to stop evaporation. It’s estimated that you can eliminate 98% of the evaporation simply by putting on a cover when you’re not using the pool. The nice thing about covers is that they range in price and features. Some are simple plastic sheets, while others have tiny solar cells that keep the water warm by absorbing heat from the sun. Lastly, a cover will stop debris from getting in your pool, thus keeping your water cleaner.

Liquid Covers

Wait, you can cover your pool with liquid? Yep. A liquid solar cover is a revolution in pool coverings. They’re effective and will save you the hassle of putting on and taking off a traditional cover. These covers are a thin layer of alcohol that sits on top of the water and prevents evaporation. You can get these in tablet or bottle form. Just add it to your pool and let the chemical reaction work its magic. What’s great about this type of cover is that you can still swim in the pool while it’s working. However, the obvious downside is that it doesn’t prevent debris from getting in the water.

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Turn off Water Features

Features like water sprayers look cool and are fun for the kids, but they ultimately speed up the evaporation. If you must use these things, turn them off when not in use.

Use Windbreaks

Wind can speed up the evaporation process, so to combat this, install windbreaks around your pool. There are many options to do this, but some of the more popular are to put up fencing, trees, or shrubbery. All of these will break up the wind and prevent it from blowing over your pool to cause evaporation.

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