A Beginner’s Guide to Properly Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

Whether you’re preparing your swimming pool for the summer season or are closing it up for the winter, taking proper care of your pool year-round is essential to its well-being. The more work you put into keeping your pool spotless, the more you can enjoy it once the hot weather finally rolls around. Be sure to keep your pool consistently clean and take care of any issues as soon as possible. That’s why we made this guide to properly maintaining your swimming pool.

A Beginner’s Guide to Properly Maintaining Your Swimming Pool

If you need some help with keeping your pool in good shape, follow these guidelines.

Check the Water Level

One of the most vital aspects of optimal pool performance is achieving the right water level. Before you take a dive into your pool, be sure to carefully inspect the water and determine whether it’s at the correct level. Water that is too low can cause the pump for swimming pool to dry out and stop working completely. However, water levels that are too high can also be dangerous. The skimmer door, which keeps debris safely inside the skimmer, may stop functioning properly if the water is too high. As a result, the water flow in your pool can be severely compromised.

Keep pH Under Control

Your pool’s pH, which is a scale indicating the acidity of the water, should be inspected regularly. As a rule of thumb, it’s a good idea to check pH levels weekly or biweekly in the winter and twice a week in the summer. The pH of your pool water determines how much chlorine the pool needs, with an ideal pH ranging from 7.2 to 7.8.

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If your pH levels are too high or low, be sure to call a professional who can adjust the pH using Doheny pool pumps. Remember that it’s important to be proactive when checking pH levels to prevent problems from occurring.

Check for Pool Grating

Pool grating is a very important aspect of maintaining a proper swimming pool. It not only helps you avoid accidents or if you have kids who use the pool, grating is necessary. Apart from the safety factor, pool grating helps in lending an aesthetic appeal to your pool. This is why you should always look for established agencies, who are into credible pool grating installation. Grating is a very good investment, which will help you maintain your pool over a long period.

Clean the Filter

Your pool’s filter is an essential instrument that helps to keep the water purified. Without a filter, your pool water can begin to accumulate various forms of debris, such as leaves and dirt. To ensure that your filter does its job correctly, it’s crucial to clean it out on a regular basis. Most filter baskets can be cleaned once a week in order to function properly. When your pool has clean water, you can enjoy swimming in it freely. Your pool needs the right amount of attention and care to work well. Don’t neglect basic pool maintenance throughout the year if you want optimal results.

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