Do I Need a Fence Around My Above-Ground Pool?

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In-ground pools are expensive to build and to maintain. In fact, the average cost of maintaining an in-ground pool is approximately $1,400, that’s a fair chunk of money and definitely something worth considering when you’re looking at the cost and planning involved in building an in-ground pool.

Do I Need a Fence Around My Above-Ground Pool

In contrast, an above-ground pool is much easier and cheaper to erect and can be just as much fun. Of course, they’re not usually as aesthetically appealing, but you won’t be worried about that when you’re swimming in it! Unfortunately, there isn’t one simple answer to the question of needing a fence around an above-ground pool. The short version is that it will depend on where you live and what the legislation says in your state. In most cases, a fence, or balustrade, is recommended or required, although it may only need to be 4ft tall.

The Reason

The problem with any pool, above, or below ground is that it’s a safety risk. If you have children they can access the pool without you knowing and have an accident, or even become a fatality. For this reason, most states demand that you place a 4 ft high fence around the pool, preventing small children from getting in without your knowledge. That’s assuming you’ve fitted a gate and aren’t just going to climb over the fence every time.

The Solution

There is usually no description of the type of fence that you need around your pool. This leaves you with two attractive solutions:

  1. Mesh netting

This simple product can be attached to skinny poles and surround your pool. It’s easy to put up, and takedown when the pools not in use. Of course, it’s not the most attractive finish but it is functional, practical, and ensures you comply with regulations. However, mesh isn’t generally strong enough to stop someone crashing through it and you should be aware of that.

  1. Balustrade

Balustrades are generally stuck in position and can’t be moved. That means there will there even when the pool isn’t. For this reason, you may want to consider some of the finest glass balustrades Sydney, these won’t disrupt your view of the pool and they are very effective at keeping children out.

Do I Need a Fence Around My Above-Ground Pool - glass fence

Even if you take the pool down for the winter, the glass balustrades will remain, waiting for the next season. Glass is surprisingly strong and can withstand anything that is thrown at it until you’re ready to put the pool up again.

Don’t be tempted to skimp on the fence, if anyone was to get into your pool accidentally you’d be liable, that’s not a pleasant scenario. Instead, choose the balustrades you like the most and get them fitted, just make sure that the pool is going in the same position every year. You should also note that while other materials are available, glass is best for monitoring your children as they swim. You’ll be able to see them and react if they do have any issues.

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