A Glass Balustrade Is a Great Addition To Any Home Or Office

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If you look around any home or office, you will notice the addition of one material that seems to be everywhere that you look. I am, of course, talking about glass and architects, interior designers and property owners are using it more and more in their buildings. It is an incredibly strong material that has so many additional uses and the benefits that come with it are immense. It allows light to flow into and out of any room and a brightly lit area allows you to showcase what you have. In the case of a business, this is an invaluable asset to have.

A Glass Balustrade Is a Great Addition To Any Home Or Office

One addition to homes and businesses all across Australia, is the glass balustrade and its popularity has grown in recent times. Property owners want the light to be able to flow freely throughout the room or a bigger area like a conference room, and adding structures that do not allow the light to flow are counterproductive. Putting up wood or plaster partitions restricts the flow of light and it creates smaller, tighter spaces that are constrictive. By using glass, rooms appear to be bigger than they actually are and for interior designers, this is a dream come true.

The addition of glass balustrades from Clear Brilliance, especially the frameless one, is changing modern architecture and interior design and installing a glass balustrade in your home or offices opens up a vast number of benefits that everyone should be able to experience.

    • Using a glass balustrade allows you to create the illusion of more space and the room seems to extend further than it actually does. You can’t get this effect using any other building material and for stairs or other elevated areas, a glass balustrade is just perfect.
    • A glass balustrade does not restrict the light from flowing around the room and in an office, this provides a more airy, natural feel to a room and employees work much better in an atmosphere such as this.

A Glass Balustrade Is a Great Addition To Any Home Or Office - frameless balustrade

  • If you want to create a modern looking interior, then a glass balustrade will provide that in spades. It adds sophistication to a room and if you are thinking of selling your home, it is the perfect addition to get a prospective buyer to put in an early bid.
  • A glass balustrade is easy to keep clean and with the right cleaning product and a clean cloth, hand marks and other dirt can be easily removed in moments. You end up with a balustrade that looks like it has just been installed today.
  • It is incredibly strong and very durable and people are under the misapprehension that glass is weak. It is far from it and your glass balustrade will take years of abuse and still be standing strong.

If you are looking for something different, something modern and something that brings space and light into a room, then a glass balustrade is what you should be installing in your home or office. Talk to your local supplier today.

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  1. Taylor Wright November 26, 2019 at 8:24 pm

    It’s great that you elaborated on how glass balustrades make rooms seem bigger than they actually are. My brother is building a modern home and wants to include glass windows that are by his winding staircase. I’ll have to search for some specialists that can install these windows.

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