Top 5 Ways to Clean Your Pool

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More and more people choose private households with a big garden and mandatory swimming pool. The swimming pool can be indoor or outdoor, but the main concern is the cleanness of the water for all of them. There are numerous methods of swimming pool maintenance, here will be discussed the most effective and easy ones.

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Reasons for swimming pool cleaning

  1. Algae (when the water is green)
  2. Garbage on the surface as leaves and other environmental problems.
  3. Viruses, bacteria, or other organic creatures.
  4. Condensate on the walls and bottom of the swimming pool.

It also should be understood that water cleanness cannot be achieved only by one method; in most cases, several methods should be combined. Cleaning methods can be chemical or mechanical.

Chemical methods of cleaning

All chemical methods aim is to eliminate all viruses, bacteria, microorganisms, and other organic residues. Proper concentration of chemical reagents protects algae creation in the swimming pool. The presence of organic in the water makes it muddy and green.

1.     Chlorination

Chlorine is able to delete all unpleasant organic particles that are too small for filters by oxidation. But the application of chlorine should be performed only by adults and concerning the instructions, as any overages of required quantities can lead to skin, eyes intoxication. Additionally, usage of the pool immediately after chlorination is forbidden; the water should be appropriately filtered several times after. Bromide is also a halogen from the same group as chlorine but is not so toxic. It can change the chloride for this kind of purification.

2.     Ozone

Another good solution for bacteriological water purification is taking out all creatures from your water. Ozon has no negative impact on the human body. But this method is quite costly as it requires a particular type of equipment, and special filters should take out the residues of the cleanliness procedure.

Chemicals for cleaning pool water

Mechanical methods of cleaning

Mechanical methods should be executed regularly, one time in three days. The purpose of these methods is to collect all improper substances of different sizes.

1.     Scoop-net and skimming device

Each owner has to have a scoop-net to collect all big objects, insects, grass, leaves on the water’s surface. The skimming device simplifies the collection process as it is a small vacuum cleaner; they have a telescopic handle for easy access to the whole surface. These simple devices are relatively cheap but help only with visible objects. This method should always be performed regularly for the outdoor pool not protected with a tent. Manufacturers like Intex provide such kits at reasonable prices.

2.     Filters

It is recommended to have a filter for each swimming pool. The number of filters is different from the composition to price. Filter helps to delete all garbage, including relatively small particles of sand and mood. All filters consist of a pump, the filter itself, a skimming device, and several hoses. It also should be connected to power. The filtration should be executed twice daily, even if the swimming pool is not used. First, water through the pump goes to the filter; then, it is purified there and goes back to the pool. The filtration speed depends on the quality and capacity of a filter and a pump. Leading filter manufacturers are Intex, Aquaviva, Hayward, Emaux.

The types of filters could be different ones:

  • Sand is the cheapest solution to clean water from small impurities; after several months of use, sand can be cleaned and used again.
  • Cartridges with various compositions in different layers are much more expensive and should be exchanged several times per season without reuse for most of them. The cheapest ones mainly consist of polymeric membranes.

It is recommended not to use the pool during filtration; the normal filtration process lasts from 6 to 12 hours. Filters clean the water from mechanical impurities of different sizes; constant exchange of water helps reduce the number of organic substances but thoroughly does not clean the water from them.

Pool cleaning tools

3.     Robot-vacuum cleaner

This method is the most modern method to maintain the swimming pool in perfect conditions. It is not only cleaning all walls and cleaning but also filtering the water in it. All robots require power connection and on-time change of filters. The robot consists of a filter, a motor, brushers, a skimming device built-in small plastic cover, typically equipment with wheels to travel in the pool. A robot makes the cleanness process fully automatic; it defines with controllers the contamination level. Leading manufacturers of swimming pool robots are Aquabot, Dolphin, Magnum, Polaris, Ultramax, and Zodiac. Generally, for home swimming pools, the best choice is between Dolphin vs Polaris.

The average working mode of robots is 8 hours, including filtration and disinfection of the water. The robot symmetrically cleans the swimming pools interior based on the set program that can be easily changed by remote control. It can thoroughly clean the water without chemical compositions. The main plus is that they do not require connection to any stationary cleanness or sewage system; all dirt and garbage is collected in the built-in container easily cleaned after. Robots prolong the comfort usage of all swimming pools without human resources, but this method is quite costly. All filters and brushes should be changed several times per season. Like most described methods, robots should work without people’s presence in the swimming pool. The choice of the robot should be mainly based on the pool’s volume to be cleaned within 5-8 hours.


Described methods are suitable for all types of swimming pools, and the choice is connected only with available human resources and financial resources. Even if the owner chooses robots to perform automatic maintenance, the chemical methods are required at least one per season to eliminate all organic substances. For outdoor swimming pools, it is essential to have the tent used during non-used times, which helps to avoid everyday cleaning from insects and leaves. Properly following all instructions of each method, you can ensure that the water is clean and suitable even for infants.

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