Essential Tools Every Handyman Should Have

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Regardless of skills, every handyman needs tools to get the job done. Work boots are on of it, and you can check out a pair in Apart from a sturdy steel toe boots, you also need other appropriate tools to use. These are means towards acquiring more experience towards fixing.

Essential Tools Every Handyman Should Have

There are hundreds of tools to choose from, but which are the essentials? Well, the following tools have been deemed, so here’s the most important tools that every handyman must carry.

Putty Knife

This tool is useful in scraping or spreading materials like plaster in construction jobs. It comes in various widths including five and six-inches. It is also used in glazing windows by working putty around the glass pane edges.

Wire Cutters

Simple repair tasks around the house may not always require you to clip wires, but if you are planning to make something that needs power such as:

  • Cutting pins or nails
  • Removing pins or nails
  • Cutting wires
  • Skinning wires

You’ll soon realize how useful wire cutters can be. All other tools in the list may look unnecessary until you do some actual fixing and realize they would have made things a whole lot easier.

Wood chisel set

Whether you want to develop your hobby of carving out statues from tree stumps or you need to perform precise woodwork, you’ll need a chisel set to do it right. Check out woodworking tips here.

Essential tools every handyman should have - chisel set

Adjustable wrench

A wrench set would be fantastic, but if you like a space-saving and versatile type, then the adjustable wrench is for you. It is like a whole wrench set in just one tool, and you can save some space in your box for other tools. It is helpful in various tasks including plumbing, auto mechanics, assembly or construction of furniture and in bicycle or motorcycle repairs.

Double-faced soft mallet

A soft mallet is an excellent tool for tasks that require precision or gentleness such as working with soft metals that should not be damaged.

Furniture makers and woodworkers may also require the use of this tool when they want to avoid damaging the finish or surface of the material they are using. The heads of soft mallets are made from various materials including nylon, lead, brass or even rawhide.

This tool provides the same striking power as the typical hammer while preventing dents from forming on the surface you are working with.


For most handyman tasks, this tool is unbelievably useful. Be prepared to have it in a set of various grits so you can make the surface smooth or as rough as you want.

Vise-grip locking pliers

This pair of locking pliers protects your hand from danger if used for welding, while also providing tremendous strength. Just lock it up and leave it.

Caulking gun

This tool is great for patching up cracks in molding or nail holes and sealing in the bathroom. Because this tool is straightforward, the tendency to forget it is rather good. But once you miss it, you’ll soon realize that nothing else can do the trick.

Duct tape

If there is one thing you should place in your toolbox, it would be duct tape. With sufficient imagination, duct tape might be the ultimate tool. This tool is used in tasks that call for flexible, strong and really sticky tape. It has been used in motorsports, for example, in repairing fiberglass body works among all other uses.

Metal file

If you are into metalworking, you need this tool. It is helpful in smoothening sharp angles or cleaning up a poor soldering job. And if you don’t have other options, it can also work as an excellent tool sharpener.

Wood saw

This ancient tool is hands down an absolutely useful tool for woodworking. It is way much cheaper than a top-notch chainsaw. Although it’s not as quick, it is incredibly reliable. Find one that comes with a lifetime warranty.

Measuring tape

This is a must-have. You can always have an accurate measurement using this. Find something that has a self-locking mechanism and one that is impact-resistant, especially since you may inevitably drop it now and then.

Safety glasses

Your eyes are vulnerable in most handyman tasks you do, and you can protect your eyes by always wearing safety glasses.


You’d want to keep a hacksaw handy for working with PVC or anything that’s not wooden. Find something that has comfortable grips to make the work easier.


A crowbar is an essential device for opening a door or trying pry off old moldings. Find one that comes with various nail slots and one that is made with a sturdy material like tempered steel.

Screwdriver set

Next to the hammer, you’ll need a screwdriver. Assembly of Ikea furniture is even impossible without this handy set. Choose a product that features comfortable, rubberized grips and helpful magnetic tips.

Claw hammer

A claw hammer is a fundamental tool, so it’s no surprise that it is here. In fact, it is the most essential tool that any handyman should have. This kind of hammer not only helps drive nails into your material, but it also helps you extract nails from another material.

Final Thoughts

Even a neophyte handyman needs tools for doing the simplest DIY tasks. Whether you are this novice handyman or you consider yourself a pro, you should have these tools in your possession. Although there are thousands of tools in the world of craftsmanship, you only need the most practical ones to build, repair or improve something you own.

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