5 Essential Tools And Equipment For Your DIY Home Remodeling

5 Essential Tools And Equipment For Your DIY Home Remodeling

A home is not complete without a decent toolbox. However, for those who are adventurous enough to do some home remodeling on their own, a basic toolkit isn’t enough. DIY projects call for special tools and pieces of equipment. Most often than not, homeowners know what project they want, but have no idea what type of equipment to use. To get you started on your DIY journey, here’s a list of the essential tools and equipment for home remodeling projects.

Ringlock Scaffolding

Scaffolding helps you move around your work area and eliminates the need to climb up and down. It’s also a lot safer to use scaffolding rather than a stool or a ladder because they’re more stable. For home use, you can use ring lock scaffolding. The ring lock is considered to be one of the most modern types of scaffolding mechanism in the construction industry. If you look at this website, you’ll learn more about the different components present in ring lock scaffolding.

Here are some more reasons why you need this equipment in your arsenal:

  • It’s easy to assemble and disassemble as it doesn’t require nuts and bolts.
  • Its load-bearing capacity is unmatched which means that it’s safe to use even for heavy duty jobs.
  • Because it’s made from steel, it’s durable and can last you for many years when stored properly.
  • Increased productivity as you can work faster without worrying about safety.


No matter what type of DIY home remodeling project you’re going take on, it will most likely require some cutting. It’s crucial for you to figure out what kind of saw you need as it differs based on the material you’re working with. There are over 25 different types of saws available in the market. Here are five of the most basic saw types that is suitable for DIY projects.

  • Handsaw – This saw is manually powered and relies heavily on your muscles. It’s one of the most basic types of saw, yet very useful when working with wood that a power saw can’t handle.
  • Hacksaw – This type of saw is perfect when you need to cut metal pipes, metal sheets, and even PVC.
  • Coping saw – This U-shaped saw is another woodworking essential when you need to cut out intricate shapes at intense angles such as inside corners during trim installation.
  • Jigsaw – It’s a powerful tool that’s popular for woodworkers because of its versatility. It features a flat base that’s called a shoe. The shoe rests on the flat surface you’re cutting which offers stability, perfect for cutting curves.
  • Circular saw – A saw that can substitute a table saw. Perfect for cutting, rafters, sheathings and framing materials. The circular saw blades can be interchanged depending on the material you’re working with.

Nail Guns

A nail gun as the name suggests is a gun-looking device that’s used to drive nails into woods efficiently. While using a hammer can also prove to be useful when you’re hanging a few picture frames or repairing a bookshelf, it may not withstand a remodeling project. For example, you wouldn’t want to install hardwood floors on your house with just a hammer. Nail guns make nailing things so much faster. They’re efficient, and they make for cleaner looking nail heads. More importantly, your fingers are generally safe as you don’t need to hold the nails in place.
5 Essential Tools And Equipment For Your DIY Home Remodeling - planning

Voltage Tester

Some projects may require you to deal with electrical wiring. Having to call an electrician to do the work for you can be costly especially if it’s just a simple repair. Voltage testers tell you if the wires have a live current flowing through them. Unlike a multi-tester, voltage testers test and warn you when it senses an electric current. Warnings are usually in the form of light and sound.

There are two types of voltage testers:

  1. Neon voltage testers – It requires no batteries but can be difficult to handle if you’re inexperienced. Two probes are attached into a handle with a bulb tip. One probe goes into a hot contact and the other into a ground wire. If there’s a current present in the cable, the neon bulb lights up.
  2. Non-contact voltage tester – It senses the current even without touching the wires. You just have to place the pen-like tool near the wire you’re testing so it can detect the electrical field.

Tape Measure

Since you’ll be doing the project on your own and without any professional help, accurate measurements are crucial. A tape measure is handy when you need to measure pipe circumference, measure wall height, or measure the space required for your new appliance, etc. A retracting tape measure is advised when you’re working on a construction project. You can lay the tape steadily without the need to hold it down, and when you’re done, you can quickly push a button and retract the tape. It’s best that you invest in a 25-foot retracting tape measure as they’re useful for bigger DIY projects.


There’s no need for you to buy everything in one go. As you go through your DIY project, slowly build up your tools and equipment. If for example a piece of heavy equipment is needed, but only for a limited time, you don’t always have to buy one. Some construction companies provide rental services. More importantly, always practice handle safety when doing any kind of project.

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  1. Taylor Hansen

    I like how you mentioned how a nail gun can make things efficient when doing home projects. I need to replace my hardwood floors and want to get a nail gun so it makes things faster. It’s probably smart to shop around for different nail guns that can work for my project.

  2. Thank you for telling me that if I were to do a DIY project in my home, then I should have specialized tools and equipment so I could do it effectively. I’m planning on tearing down my current drywall and putting up a new, fresh layer. Since I’m still a beginner when it comes to these home projects, it might be better for me to look for a rental company that can aid me with the right equipment I should use.

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