How to DIY replace doors

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Doors are among the first things that welcome people to your home. It is important in many ways and these include protection and security, privacy, and the overall look of your home. Doors are both functional and decorative elements of a home. But because some doors are used constantly, they also become damaged and need to be replaced. Changing the doors of your home may sound like a big task but there are a lot of resources online that can help you to DIY replace doors.

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Here are a few tips that you should check out.

Learn from your existing door

Don’t immediately discard your old door, as this will be a good template for your new one. You can use the old door’s measurements to ensure that the new door you will be installing will have the same size. Use also your existing hinges as a basis for the size of the new hinges you will be using. It will also be a good time to choose a new door not only based on design but also based on functionality. And before you start this project, make sure that you have all the necessary tools and materials so that you don’t have to make unnecessary trips to the store.

Level the floor

A level is one of the tools that you should have on hand before changing your doors. Leveling the floor is among the critical steps that you will have to perform for your door to open and close properly. Use shims to help you determine how much to cut off the door jamb at the other side. Once you’ve marked the shim, cut the jamb accordingly. You can use a jigsaw to trim the jamb.


Make sure that your doors open and close according to the way they should be. The drag should be effortless. After you replace doors, you should be able to go through the door without any difficulty or without having to force your way in. The best way to do this is to be accurate in your measurements.

Door color

Changing your door involves examining the room it will be placed in. This is because the design, style, and color of your door will be affecting the room. It will be a good idea to choose a color that will complement the existing colors or feel of the room especially if you plan on painting your door. Aside from the door, consider also the color of the hinges and the door handle.

Use construction screws

When installing the hinges, use longer screws instead of the screws that came with the hinge. You want your screws to be longer so that it will be able to hold up to many years of use. Construction screws are the best choice for this job. After installing each screw, check the door’s alignment by opening and closing it.

Changing internal doors requires you to have attention to detail as well as patience. But even if this is your first time, you can successfully replace doors as long as you follow the steps. Grab your materials and tools now and get started on your door project.

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