Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends

The look, designs, shapes and styles of the modern mirrors have changed over the years, from the traditional to the all-new modern designs and style. Let’s take a look at the wall mirror design trends that will make the look of your interior décor dazzling this year.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends

Here’s what’s new in recent designs of wall mirrors in 2020.


There are numerous wall mirror designs and we may not be able to name them all. For every mirror design, they all fall into the mirror types listed below.

  1. Full Length Wall Mirrors: To show full length body projection

These types of decorative bathroom mirrors are well known because they project full body images. They can be moved around from one room to another and won’t leave holes in your walls because they do not need to be hanged.

  1. Hanging Wall Mirrors: To show facial projection only

Hanging wall mirrors are mirrors that can be hanged from a chain, wire or string. They come in a large selection of sizes, weights and styles. They are easy to install as they can be hung with hooks of picture frames. The mostly suitable for having toothbrush, shaving, or facewash etc.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - hang mirror

  1. Overmantle Wall Mirrors: To show room aesthetic and décor

These are used as an accessory to detailed fireplaces in the living room. It can give a luxury look to the room especially if it is a traditional one.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - overmantle mirror

  1. Leaning Wall Mirrors: To show to whole body including shoes matching with dress

These are bigger sized mirrors. These rang from full length mirrors to an enormous full wall size. They are quite heavy in weight and cannot be hanged on the walls. It is perfect for people who, for certain reasons, cannot hang mirrors on the walls.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - leaning mirrors

  1. Door Mirrors: Specially designed to show an instant look

These type of wall mirrors are hung over the door. It is especially suitable for places where space is limited and can be hanged over the doors of wardrobes. They are not heavy and are available in variety of sizes.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - door mirrors


Wall mirror types can come in different designs. The following are some of the trending wall designs in 2020:

  • Vintage Mirrors

This mirror style adds a vintage element and glamour to the décor of a room. The mirror designs can range from mirrors with faded frame styles to the classical oak frames. Vintage wall mirrors are functional as it can fit in a luxurious home or a traditional one.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - vintage mirror

  • Industrial Style Wall Mirrors

Originally, these were designed for use in outdoor environments but have become a popular interior décor trend. They add character and feeling to a room. They have a tendency to be robust in build and are best for rooms with artistic elegance. A design that is popular in this style category are mirrors with wrought iron frames.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - industrial style mirror

  • Rustic Wall Mirrors

Rustic mirrors are prominent because they add glamor to the wall they are used on. Rustic wall mirrors are suitable for a variety of home interior decorations shifting from luxurious to chic and even contemporary designs. The finest rustic wall mirrors are produced with a metallic antique frame, traditional wooden frame or distressed frame. They are suited for various home décor styles like a luxurious room, a chic room or old-world elegance.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - rustic wall mirror

  • Simple and Minimalistic Wall Mirror Style

Simple and minimalistic mirror styles are designs that are characterized with simplicity and sparseness. They are simple and do not have elaborate designs. They are suitable for various décor styles, whether its luxurious or traditional, they make a statement wherever they are placed.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - minimalistic mirror

Different Wall Mirror Design Ideas in the Modern Era

Mirrors are now available in different shapes. This provides a variety of styles for decorative and other purposes like providing illumination to your space with unique mirror with lights. The rectangular or square shaped mirror style still seems to be the most widely known but a mirror in a different shape adds to the artistic look of a room.

Modern Wall Mirror Design Trends - modern mirror

  1. Round Wall Mirrors: A round mirror softens the acute look in a room which is generated by the corners. It accentuates an antique décor style and is available in various styles.
  2. Rectangular Wall Mirrors: This is the most widely known mirror design with available home mirror types. It is suitable for any type of interior décor and can fill up large empty wall spaces. All mirror types mentioned above can be found in this shape.
  3. Square Wall Mirrors: These are close to rectangular wall mirrors. They are all-purpose and are available in a variety of styles. This works best as smaller sizes and are suited for bathrooms, hallways or specifically for decorative purposes.
  4. Hexagon Wall Mirrors: Hexagon mirrors unlike other mirror designs are not easily found in the market. They are used best for decorating and adding beauty to a room. It accentuates modern room and artistic themes really well. It can also serve as a nice statement piece which becomes the focal point in a room.

Other modern mirror designs include:

  • Prism shaped wall mirrors
  • Teardrop shaped wall mirrors
  • Kite shaped wall mirrors
  • Octagonal shaped wall mirrors amongst many others.

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