How to Improve the Durability of Your Toilet Partitions

There are so many ways you can make your commercial bathroom a little more comfortable. As a facility manager, you can opt for softer lighting and air fresheners. However, one of the biggest problems that occupants have of the restrooms is the durability of the toilet partitions.

How to Improve the Durability of Your Toilet Partitions

This is a common issue among many commercial bathrooms. Therefore, improvements must be done.

10 Ways to Improve the Durability of Your Toilet Partitions

Below are ten easy steps you can do to improve the durability of the toilet partitions:

Gently install the partitions

Most materials that are used for toilet partitions are strong, with the features of firmness and high density. This means that they aren’t suggested to move violently. So, if the partition inside is destroyed, its service life will decrease. The excellent features of different kinds of partition materials will only work if the materials aren’t broken.

Keep extra hardware supply

Whenever site managers or caretakers carry out regular checks, they pay attention to the state of the cubicle hardware. The handles, locks, hinges, and coat hooks often need replacement, so it’s better to have an ample supply of hardware available.

Clean the partitions appropriately

Make sure to schedule regular cleaning for toilet partitions to improve the durability and maintain their good appearance. How you clean the partitions depend on the type of partition:

  • For compact laminate, you can clean it with warm water and mild detergent or soap, using a sponge or a cloth.
  • For stains that cannot be removed using mild detergent, you can use a paste of baking soda and water. Don’t use an abrasive cloth or acidic cleaning solution.
  • For particle boards, do not clean them with water and alkali soda to avoid degumming, moisture, and molds. You can use a wet dishrag to clean it, and then make it dry immediately.
  • You can clean the dust in the surface using warm water, low alkaline detergent, or soap bar

How to Improve the Durability of Your Toilet Partitions - toilet

Fix any scratches

Scratches and cuts are inevitable when it comes to any high-use product, including a solid surface. But since the toilet partition materials are solid, it will be easy to renew to its original appearance, as described below:

  • Minor damage – includes scratches, chemical or general stains, burns, or scorches, and minor impact marks. They can be repaired on-site with a light abrasive cleanser.
  • Heavier damage – light sanding may be needed. To do this, follow the steps below:
  1. Identify the extent of the damage and check if a minor repair is necessary.
  2. If a minor repair is needed, you can repair it with an abrasive cleanser or other products.
  3. If still unsuccessful, consult a professional for other repair services

Keep them away from direct sun exposure

Being exposed to the sun for a long time won’t be good when it comes to toilet partition maintenance. Increasing the ventilation doesn’t mean you need to install them under the sun for a long time. Some partitions easily fade with the harsh rays of the sun. Moreover, some of them would be out of shape – cracks will appear on the surface of the partitions. When this happens, you’ll need to fix or exchange them immediately.

Increase the ventilation

Washrooms also have persistent damp problems. The wet and humid nature of the environment means that the wash space is prone to this problem. Some washrooms may have high windows kept open, but proper ventilation from the extractor fans is a better option to get moisture to escape the room, and to completely get rid of this problem. Increase the ventilation of the washroom, and don’t make much water stay at the partition’s surface for a long time. Otherwise, you’ll have a problem with your partitions.

Apply varnish on solid wood materials

Varnish is a transparent, hard, protective film that many people use in wood finishing. It’s also used for other materials. It has little or no color, transparent, and doesn’t have pigment added, unlike wood stains or paints. Because of this, varnish makes a perfect choice for solid wood toilet partitions once every few years. It isn’t only anti-fading, but it also helps maintain a slick finish.

Choose the best floor material

One of the areas many people overlook is the washroom flooring. If your washroom suffers from poor flooring, or if the wear and tear damage to the surface is becoming more and more frequent, then you may need to replace it. Choose a material that has non-slip properties, and curve up to where the floor will meet the walls, rising for a few inches. This will give you a completely water-resistant surface, which prevents any spilled or leaked water from seeping into the fabric of the building. It also makes the washroom easier to wet and clean. Therefore, this will help prolong the service life of toilet partitions.

Avoid hot stuff touching

It isn’t allowed to let something hot and then thermal touch the toilet partition directly. Most of these partitions are covered with a thin veneer, which is easy to destroy. You’ll notice that there will be cracking and blistering on the surface of the toilet partition, especially those materials with inferior quality.

Make sure to keep a pro-active stance

One of the best ways for you to improve the durability of toilet partitions is to say on top of the small problems when they arise. Nipping things in the bud goes a long way to lengthen the life of your washroom. If the partitions need to be re-grouted, then you need to do it as soon as possible, instead of waiting for the problem to worsen.

You can perform a routine maintenance check often, to pay more attention to the things like hinge movements, handles and corner fasteners, locks, and other hardware. Buying toilet partitions is one thing, but improving their durability is another thing. You can use this list as your guide to ensure you’re improving the functionality and durability of your washroom.

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