Upgrading Commercial Bathrooms: What To Know Before You Start

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Remodeling a commercial bathroom offers a lot of advantages. It gives your business a positive outlook. Having clean and hygienic restrooms is a plus point for customers. Also, upgrading your bathroom provides more space and privacy for easy maneuvering and accessibility to such utilities. Your employees will be happier if the bathroom is new and inviting. You may also want to renovate your bathroom to save water and electricity.

Upgrading Commercial Bathrooms

However, planning to upgrade your commercial bathrooms entails a lot of work. Hence, time, cost, and resources are some of the basic considerations. So, before you start the upgrade, know the things you need to plan. Read on for some tips.

Know the Rules For Business Bathrooms

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has laid down important guidelines for business restrooms to ensure safety and hygiene. Accordingly, you must consider the following:

  • Gender-segregated facilities should be provided for coed workforces.
  • High privacy must be ensured by providing separate rooms for toilets, with doors.
  • There must be proper hand-washing facilities to ensure hygiene at all times.
  • For a business with about 16 to 35 employees, two toilets should be provided. The number of toilets should increase by one with the incremental addition of 20 employees.

Moreover, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) provides guidelines for accessible, safe, and compliant commercial bathrooms. Safety considerations are mandatory for commercial bathrooms. For instance, installing grab bars and handrails make the bathroom safe. These fixtures are designed to provide balance and grasp in case a person slips or falls. Privacy and cleanliness are other critical aspects to keep in mind. If your commercial bathroom partitions are falling down or if they have graffiti, it might be time to consider an getting new ones. It’s also important for guests like seniors and kids. These are the basic requirements for a commercial bathroom upgrade. Of course, you can design your bathroom depending on your priorities and expectations.

Set Your Priorities and Expectations

Plan your upgrade. Goal-setting leads you to a more direct and clear vision. For instance, you may consider additional fixtures and lighting enhancement. Upgrade your bathroom into a place for relaxation by increasing the space and providing a comfortable ambiance. Take note of the following in setting expectations:

  • Set a time duration for the work
  • Be realistic in your plans and consider challenges
  • Consider your resources
  • Look for the best contractor in town

Make sure not to compromise the required rules/guidelines given by OSHA and ADA for commercial bathroom renovation by making unnecessary upgrades.

Set a Budget

Before you start remodeling, decide the extent of costs you want to incur. List the details of the renovation and ask for quotations from contractors. Most contractors offer a package deal including the quality of materials and equipment. Compare the quotes received from different contractors.

If the price is too high, you can meet halfway. You can provide the materials and the contractor will do the job. You can save money from this type of arrangement. However, you may consider looking for an eco-expert contractor. You’ll avoid stress and time wastage, and reduce the cost of renovation by hiring an expert who knows about sustainable materials that can save energy and water resources. Always remember not to compromise the quality for quantity or cost.

Upgrading Commercial Bathrooms - remodeled bahroom

Source Your Materials

When looking for materials, source the safest, most durable, and sustainable items. You’ll save money in the long run by investing in these types of materials. You may consider the following tips in sourcing:

  • Pick water-saving fixtures: Dual flush toilets are the most popular option for water conservation. Such toilets use significantly less water than the normal toilet does. The other best choice is a toilet with vacuum technology as it reduces the amount of water use.
  • Install energy-efficient equipment: Look for the newest energy star logo which is certified by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). Materials with this logo are efficient in energy use.
  • Build eco-cabinets and vanities: Choose safer materials that are free from toxic glues like formaldehyde. Bamboo furniture and reclaimed wood is another option for bathroom fixtures.
  • Choose safe, sustainable floor, and wall coverings: Try cork or eco-friendly cement plasters as a substitute for common tiles.
    This setup is cozier as compared to the usual. When looking for the right materials on walls and ceiling, choose materials that are free from polyvinyl chloride (PVC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC). An easier alternative is to use high quality bathroom wall panels instead, which are readily available online from Floors To Walls UK.

Moreover, you can try toilet stalls that are powder coated metal. The material is durable, safe, and resistant to impact and chemical cleaning agents. Order materials and fixtures in a planned manner to ensure that you’ll get the stuff on time and your work will carry on smoothly.

Anticipate Obstacles

In every plan, always consider the challenges on the way. For instance, the purchased fixtures like a new tub may not fit the entrance door. Make sure everything fits well.

Here are some things to think of:

  • Does the subfloor need replacement?
  • Will the renovation process finish before the visit of the inspection officer?
  • Will the existing pipes and wiring require replacement or improvements?

Plan out everything. Make sure to have a contingency plan when something goes wrong.

Be Creative

Use smart strategies to get rid of the lousy look and uninviting vibe of your bathroom. Think outside the box for a safer, cleaner, and more comfortable look. You can explore some creative ideas for a bathroom makeover.

  • Emphasize Lighting: Invest in high-quality lighting that results in a clean and welcoming aura of the bathroom. There are many inexpensive good quality lighting fixtures. Be unique.
  • Maintain the Layout: You can be creative without changing the layout of the room. As much as possible, keep the pattern of the original place to avoid too much expense and unnecessary complications. Nevertheless, when there are legitimate issues that need a total rearrangement, then go for the change. Legitimate issues can include fire safety and electrical considerations.
  • Enhance Ventilation: When the bathroom has poor ventilation, it’ll result in bad odor and humid conditions. You’ll be able to dehumidify the bathroom by improving the ventilation system. You can opt for a natural way of ventilation without compromising the comfort of your customers. Most commercial bathrooms use activated charcoal or biochar to absorb bad odors and moisture in the air. Activated carbon is natural, non-toxic, and eco-friendly. It’s a bonus that customers are satisfied and comfortable with your service.
  • Create Storage Spaces: Install new storage spaces for materials and sanitizing supplies. It’s not good to see a bathroom with cleaning materials on the sink or near the toilet. You can build unique and pleasing storage spaces that don’t require much space.


Remodeling a commercial bathroom requires intensive planning to avoid unexpected costs and unnecessary upgrades.  Investing in high-quality fixtures and eco-friendly materials is worth it. The bottom line is to provide your customers and employees with the best service you can offer. Read the tips above for an excellent upgrade to your commercial bathroom.

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