3 DIY Jobs That Help Keep Your Home Secure

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Keeping your home secure doesn’t mean that you have to live in a fortress. There are many simple DIY jobs you can do around the home that help increase your property’s security, without compromising on the good looks and style of your home. Worried about security in your home?

3 DIY Jobs That Help Keep Your Home Secure

Take a look at some DIY jobs that are simple yet effective.

Fit fly screens

We all love a bit of a breeze coming through the house during a heatwave. Nothing really beats it, and it’s certainly better and cheaper than air con! But opening doors and windows to create a breeze can put your home at risk of break-ins from opportunists. It’s worth looking at fitting Western Suburbs’ best fly screens, as these are much easier to use than the old roll-up options. Fly screens are made to measure your doors or windows and are finished off with a secure lock. You can open the inner door or window and get the breeze and even enjoy the outdoor view, but keep out pests such as flies, as well as making your home more secure.

Change your locks regularly

When’s the last time you changed your locks? Odds are, you will have never done it, but it’s something you may want to do at certain times. While you can call a locksmith to do the job, if you’re good at DIY, you may be able to do it yourself. There are a number of times when you should consider changing the locks:

  • When they go out of date – if your locks are old, they may not be as secure as modern locks, so it makes sense to update them
  • When you move in – from the estate agent to the former owners or even the cleaning lady, all sorts of people may have keys to your home. When you move to a new place, it’s a good idea to change the locks as a matter of course, and to change them if you feel they’ve fallen into the wrong hands
  • If they’re broken – if you have an attempted break in, and someone tries to break the lock, it may not be secure anymore, so it’s worth changing it over

Changing a lock, like for like, is pretty simple and gives you real peace of mind.

3 DIY Jobs That Help Keep Your Home Secure - camera

Install a security camera

Security cameras have never been easier to install, and you can buy inexpensive models online that still give you a clear picture and lots of features. Of course, there are restrictions around using CCTV. You need to make sure you follow privacy laws and ensure you’re only filming your own land and property. This is why positioning the cameras properly is so important. You might want to look for a camera that links to your phone, so you can get live updates on the go.

There are lots of small things that can increase the security of your home, and if you’re a keen handyman, why not give them a go? You can save money by doing your own jobs, and once they’re finished, you’ll no doubt feel a lot safer in your own home.

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