How To Keep Your Home Secure

At the beginning of October 2022, the FBI released a detailed report analyzing over 11 million criminal offenses reported to the Uniform Crime Reporting Program’s National Incident-Based Reporting System. The data highlighted a consistency in the number of property crimes and violent crimes reported between 2020 and 2021. While property crimes in the form of theft, car theft, and burglary have been falling on a regular basis over the past two decades, homeowners still need to pay close attention to the security of their homes.

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Keep reading to find out how to increase your home’s security and keep your property safe from burglary attempts according to recommendations from professional locksmiths at

Strengthen Security on Your Doors

Burglars are known to seek out homes with unlocked doors and windows as easy targets. Besides the recommendation to make it a habit to always lock your doors and windows even when you are at home, you should also strengthen security on them using better deadbolt locks, sturdier door frames, and hinges that can withstand attempted break-ins. Additional security devices such as door sensors can keep track of the locked/unlocked status of your doors. Smart locks can be used for scheduling the automatic locking of a door at predefined certain times. Homeowners can also simply click or tap an app on their smartphone screen for easy access control.

Install Small-Keyed Locks on Your Windows

If you do not already have locks on your windows, it is time to consider having some fitted. While the doors are the regular go-to choice as an entry point, burglars can also try their luck and use any windows left unlocked or open to make their way into any home. If you are not sure what kind of locks would work best for your windows or you do not have the skills to install window locks on your own, make sure you get in touch with a professional locksmith for homes and ask for help. Opt for a window swing lock that works great on windows with wooden frames or pick a snaplock for a PVCu window that doesn’t require any fitting and can be easily screwed into any existing installations. Snap Locks for PVCu windows can be used with both reinforced and non-reinforced window sections and they are compatible with open-in as well as open-out windows.

Install Motion Sensor Lights

Choose the best motion-activated lights with infrared sensors and have them installed around your house. These lights work by triggering the switch and turning the lights on every time they detect any type of movement caused by warm objects including animals and cars. They can effectively deter potential burglars who might feel discouraged to try to break into your home, while also letting you know that something is going on outside your property when you are not there via mobile apps you can install on your smartphone when using smart sensor lights.

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Install a Good Home Security System

This is one of the most effective burglary prevention methods homeowners can opt for to keep their property protected 24/7. Homes that do not have such a system installed are three times more likely to be broken into. Luckily, most burglars are prone to be deterred by simply observing a surveillance camera on the exterior of a house or an indicator that such a system is installed. While opting for a simple system should suffice to enhance security in a home, choosing high-end gear with professional installation, 24-hour monitoring solutions, smart home features, and advanced wireless security technology can considerably amp security.

Keep Your Garage Locked

Garages can be used as easy entry points for any house. Keep all regular doors and windows in your garage locked at all times. Keep the garage door opener inside your house instead of your vehicle. Add sturdy locks to the interior door separating your home from your garage.

Pay Attention to Doxing on Social Media

Posting personal information on social media such as home addresses, real names, and phone numbers is simplifying burglars’ work nowadays. Carefully analyze and clean up your social media accounts. Remove any type of content that could reveal your identity and the exact location of your home. Once this information starts circulating to the public, it can easily reach the hands of home burglars in search of their next victim. Never announce your intention to leave your home to go on vacation and never post vacation photos in real-time.

The next time you embark on a home improvement project that will help you sleep better at night, keep these useful suggestions in mind and make sure your house is secure.  Any modest enhancement can assist in deterring possible intruders and burglaries.

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