DIY House Moves: How Do You Make It Work

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If you’re a full-time dad, you’ll likely get yourself acquainted not just with things at work but also with things in the household. You’re likely familiar with how groceries work, how food comes and goes in the kitchen, and even a bit of handyman work on the side. In fact, you might be the household’s go-to carpenter, plumber, and even electrician with some of the skills you’ve picked up. However, you’ll be testing these skills once you decide on doing your own DIY house move – after all, it can become extremely overwhelming at first and if you don’t have a reliable plan by your side.

DIY House Moves

Here are some handy tips that can turn your DIY house move into a dream come true, especially for your family: 

Prepare your inventory as soon as possible

One of the most important steps of doing a DIY house move properly is to prepare your inventory. If you do this via the cloud through a spreadsheet, you and your family can have a handy reference of things you own and what kind of items they are. That way, you’re sure that things you’re going to pack are the only items you actually need. This is also important especially if you’re asking movers to move your things, as the best interstate moving companies will likely base their quotation for their packing and transportation services on your overall inventory. 

Get practical with your packing

If you’re going for a DIY move, the best strategy here is to optimize the kind of packing materials you have in the first place. In turn, it’s highly recommended that you make sure you pack your things safely, securely, and in a way that makes the best use of your materials. For instance, heavier items like books should be in smaller boxes to keep them lighter, while lighter items such as clothes should be in larger boxes so they can be handled quickly. It’s recommended to put cotton above powder-based items such as cosmetics to protect their contents while being transferred. Lastly, liquid-based items such as sauces and jars should have plastic wrappers before the lid is inserted to avoid spilling even if the lid is accidentally removed. 

Move furniture apart and keep track of them prior to the move

According to Seka movers, if you’re planning to move furniture, it’s best to keep them apart and store the necessary screws and small parts in their individual containers. If possible, label these containers as well so you know which items work with which furniture, especially if you have to assemble them again once you move to your new home. 

DIY House Moves - moving

Label everything you’re packing

If possible, try to label everything you’re packing and even take note of what’s placed in each box. That way, you won’t worry about looking for specific items across all your boxes, and you can look in a single box whenever you’re trying to find a particular item you’re interested in getting.

Buy twice as many materials to avoid return trips

If you know you need to buy boxes and other packing materials, try to buy twice as much as you think you’ll be needing. That way, you won’t be wasting time and gas should you end up having to make a return trip, as you already have extra materials anyway. 

Have professionals handle the logistics of the move

While you handle the DIY specifics of packing your move, you can ask for assistance regarding some specifics that you can’t do by yourself. For instance, movers Manhattan NY can help you fix certain processes such as document submissions, proper payment processes, and other necessary services such as item storage and transportation that can greatly help make your move much more convenient. With their skillset and expertise, you can rest assured that the specific DIY-tailored tasks you have (e.g., packing) will coincide seamlessly with logistics and other processes that these professionals will be in charge of. 

DIY House Moves: Make The Dream Come True

With the above tips in mind, it’s important to remember that going DIY for your house move requires a lot of things to be put into consideration. It’s essential that you streamline not just your moving timeline, but also things such as your household obligations, your tasks at work, and even how the entire household should function throughout the entire house move. With proper planning and execution, you’ll be able to transform your house move into an easy-peasy DIY move where most of the work can be done by hand (or even digitally!) and without spending so much money on things you can do yourself!                                                              

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