Don’t buy handmade rugs without looking into these 4 aspects

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Is it time for your home to get a new look? Well, apart from the furnishings, an integral part of any home decor, especially in today’s time is a spread of carefully knotted and gorgeously designed rugs. Doesn’t matter if you go for handmade rugs or modern machine-operated rugs, the beauty that a rug can add to your overall home scenery is simply elegant. Looking at the rising demand for rugs and floor carpets numerous rug designers, manufacturers and sellers have come forward with collections, one better than the other. 

Don't buy handmade rugs without looking into these 4 aspects

So, the ultimate question that remains is which one should you go for? And what do you need to look for in rugs, more specifically, handmade rugs, to make sure you get the best and nothing less. Well, here is the answer in this article. So, if you are an online wanderer looking at rugs after rugs and finding it difficult to make up your mind, don’t worry. We have got you. Here is some very necessary information that you should know when pulling out your cart for a beautiful piece of handmade rugs. 


When looking for handmade rugs, you will be presented with tons of options that range from a size as small as your doormat to as large as your floor. You should have a clear idea about the size your want and the way you are going to use your rug. There are some rugs with delayed handwork that are meant to work more like an exhibit laying in the center of your living room than under a table. Whereas there are other handmade rugs that are furry with minimalistic designs perfect for your little pet to rest. In short, you don’t want to buy a rug that’s made to grab eyeballs for you under the table floor. Be wise, know how you are going to use your rug and the length you want it in. 

Know Your Material 

Want your rug to live long? Well, handmade rugs, although gorgeous in design last a short span if the right kind if the material is not used. A simple example of this is a rug made of cotton. They are soft and fluffy best laid under your dining table or center table but if you are expecting that it can take a lot of footfall. Wait, because it will not. The more footfalls, the greater are its chances to break. Whereas wool or jute rug is much more durable and lasts longer. These aspects are undeniably important to consider when looking for handmade rugs either online or at a store. 

Don't buy handmade rugs without looking into these 4 aspects - handmade rug

Know your vendor

Don’t fixate on the first rug seller you see online or offline. Rugs, once both, stay with you for a long time. So, why are you making a hasty decision? Wait. Take a deep breath and start scouting for rugs manufacturers or resellers. If you like a vendor, do a little background check, know how well they have fared in the past with their customers. Check the materials they use and the delivery policies they have. Handmade rugs can cost a bombshell and you don’t want your money to go in the vein by investing in the wrong rug. From using the wrong dye to washed rugs sold as new there are multiple ways your rug seller can trick you into buying a rug that’s not originally produced. Be careful, do thorough research, and always buy from a trusted seller regardless if it’s on Amazon or a local online vendor. 

How much are you paying? 

Money is a crucial aspect. You do not want to buy something that’s inexpensive at an alarmingly high rate. So, comparing is necessary. If you like a rug, compare the material cost and design from various other vendors. Know what you are paying and if it matches the original price or not. Don’t be lured for discounts. First, be sure about the quality of the product and then, if you get a discount that’s just cherry on top. These are a few important aspects you need to consider while picking your next rug. A quick rap up would be – make sure you know the price you are paying is right, don’t buy the wrong size, find out who your vendor is and what material they are using to make your rug. All you have got to do now is go crazy and start shopping. All the best! 

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