3 Tips For Going Through The Design Process For Your New Home

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If you’re wanting to build a new custom home for yourself and your family, this can be both an exciting and stressful experience. While you might like the idea of being able to design a space that’s unique to you, you may also be nervous about having the design rest on your shoulders.

3 Tips For Going Through The Design Process For Your New Home

To help ensure that the home you have built is one that will work for you in both form and function, here are three tips for going through the design process for your home build.

Shoot For The Moon

When taking on the challenge of designing your own custom home, HomeBuilderDigest.com recommends to first allow yourself to dream big with your design elements and the overall space. By doing this, you’ll give yourself the freedom to really let your creative juices flow as well as think about what elements you really want to include in your space.

Once you’ve created your absolute dream home, you can then turn on your editing voice and begin to filter through what you’ve dreamt to find what’s really possible for you. The filters you use during this stage might include what will fit in your budget, what your zoning law will allow, and what you’ll realistically be able to accomplish in your allotted time frame.

Avoid Common Layout Mistakes

Before you really start laying out the design of your custom home, it could be worth your time to learn about some common layout mistakes that other homebuilders or designers have made that proved to not work out so well.

3 Tips For Going Through The Design Process For Your New Home - contemporary design

According to Elizabeth Weintraub, a contributor to The Balance, some of the most common layout mistakes that you’ll want to avoid include having a stairway that faces your front door, joining two bedrooms together with a door in between them, breaking up your common spaces or putting them too far apart, or having bedrooms directly off of your living spaces. So to save yourself some trouble in the future, make sure you avoid these layout mistakes before finalizing your design plans. If you need ideas on renovating your kitchen, this guide by Groom & Style can be pretty helpful!

Consider Your Lifestyle

The beauty of designing a custom home is that you can create it to exactly fit your lifestyle. But in order to do this, you have to first really understand your lifestyle and what’s going to make your life at home more convenient. As part of this, Ronique Gibson, a contributor to Freshome.com, recommends that you consider things like how open you want the space to be, the ideal size for bedrooms, how much storage to include, how your family life will change in the future, and more. To help you create the custom home of your dreams, consider using the tips mentioned above as you go through the design process.

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  1. Karen Fisher November 30, 2023 at 8:01 am

    Designing a custom home is indeed a unique journey. The point about understanding one’s lifestyle resonates deeply with me. When I embarked on my home design journey, I realized how important it was to consider not just my current needs but also potential future changes. Thank you, Ronique Gibson, for these insightful tips on designing a custom home!

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