Tips For Decorating Vacation Rentals / Short-Term Rentals

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Besides price, one of the things clients look out for when selecting a short-term rental is the décor. They try to imagine themselves in the space and determine if they’ll feel comfortable there. As a short-term rental business owner, you might want to spice up your properties a little. This will have them looking welcoming enough for potential customers.

So, how do you achieve this? Let’s look at some tips to guide you when decorating vacation rentals / short-term rentals.

Aim for comfort

In all aspects, be it design, furnishing, lighting – aim for comfort. Make sure that clients can enter the space and feel welcome. We’re sure you are already running a tight ship with the help of a short term rental management software. But you can also ensure that the area is well ventilated, neat, and not cramped with unnecessary furniture. Go for matching texture. It could be wood, glass, metal, or woven fabrics. In cases where possible, you can mix, but don’t overdo it. Usually, working with one main texture always produces the desired results.

Make use of art

Art has the power to make the space feel more authentic, personal, more like home. Include at least one piece of art in your décor. It could tell a story. Make sure it’s placed at eye level so that guests can comfortably look at it as much as they want without hurting their neck. If you’re able to get any special pieces, be sure to feature them when you build a vacation rental website.

Quality furniture on a minimal budget

Most guests spend more time in the sitting room and kitchen, so carefully choose which furniture goes in there. Look out for furniture pieces that are not just beautiful but simple, durable, and won’t empty your account. We know you want to get great figures on your vacation rental calculator. Here too, you can go with a neutral palette matching the different textures in the house. You can also use throw pillows and rugs to add a sense of style. Be careful not to get all your furniture pieces from one brand, though. Customers can easily detect such, and they’re more likely to feel unimpressed with the decor.

Tips For Decorating Vacation Rentals - simple rental decor

Avoid creating a color battleground

Of course, you want to throw in a pop of color anywhere you can but avoid doing it mindlessly. Before painting, carefully think out which colors you would be using and, if possible, narrow it down to a few. Use just these few for all rooms in the property interchangeably. When it comes to furnishing, ensure the colors you select don’t clash with those on the walls. If you want to play it safe, go for a neutral tone.

Proper lighting

You can start by making sure that guests can manipulate window blinds and make room for more natural light during the day. You should also provide bulbs or lamps in all the rooms of the property and some outside. Some guests like to read at night before sleeping. Can you consider adding a bedside lamp? Lights in rooms like the kitchen, bathroom, and toilet should be bright for guests to see clearly and prevent accidents.

To summarize:

  1. Remember to think about the flow of the design.
  2. Ask yourself if you have a cohesive theme throughout your vacation rental (you should), then make sure that this is represented in every room of the space.
  3. Thoughtfully place items in each room for more visual interest.
  4. Take a look at Airbnb properties for vacation rentals or hotels; try to formulate a game plan here and borrow from their ideas to implement into your space with your own twist.

Overall, remember that even though you want your client to feel at home when they come to stay at your rental, it’s still your property, so you need to keep your own style and interests in mind as well!

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