Corded Lawn Mowers and Tips on How to Use One

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It’s almost grass cutting season and the chances of your lawn will need a good mower are obvious. Nobody likes a scruffy backyard. Before you rush into purchasing a mower, you should first carefully consider the size of your garden area because smaller areas can be easily taken care of via a hand or electric corded mower, while bigger ones might require battery-ran or gas powered cordless units.

Corded lawn mower and tips how to use one

Today, there are different types of lawn mowers available on the market, and choosing the one for you comes down to what it is that you really need. Some homeowners prefer the traditional push-type reel mower since it does not require any electricity or gas whatsoever, while others want the ride-on lawn mower that allows you to comfortably cruise around your lawn while you cut it. Then there are those who like to use the corded lawn unit instead, since they derive a certain satisfaction of manually operating one. Regardless of how passionate you are about your favourite gardening trends and how badly you want the perfect lawn but choosing the right unit can be tricky.

But what are the pros and cons of corded mowers?

Rest assured, because at Handyman Tips, we’ll provide you with an adequate review of the advantages of corded lawn mowers, as well as some practical tips on how to use one properly.

What are the Advantages of a Corded Lawn Mower?

1) Corded lawn mowers are environmentally friendly and cost efficient.

First of all, the corded electric lawn mower has less impact on the environment than a gas-powered unit since no smelly or toxic exhaust fumes are released during the process. You won’t feel any sort of unbearable engine heat while mowing your lawn, too.

“Likewise, you don’t have to worry about changing any oil or gas. This will help you save money since you won’t have to constantly purchase fuel or hire a professional to set up your mower.” told us Theodore Beasley, a professional gardener at

2) Lightweight and battery-free.

Compared to the cordless type, a corded lawn mower will usually offer more power. Such a mower will also weigh less since it does not have a gas engine or a rechargeable battery.

Starting a corded mower is quick as you don’t have to pull any cords. Another advantage it has over the cordless models is that you don’t have to wait for the battery to be fully charged. Simply plug it in and you’ll have all the power you need throughout the day. In contrast, corded lawn mowers become less efficient as the battery’s charge runs low.

3) Easy storage and good reach.

It might not be advisable to use a corded mower in large properties due to its extension cord. However, such a lawn mower is perfect for cutting small- to medium-sized lawns. In fact, its compact design makes it easy to store when the winter season arrives.

We know that efficient home improvement enthusiasts don’t like the limited reach of a corded lawn mower, but is it really not enough for mowing the average lawn? If your lawn doesn’t have too many obstacles, you won’t have to worry about the extension cord getting entangled or getting hit by the mower blades.

Furthermore, extensions cords these days can reach a length of 100 feet. That is more than enough for mowing small and regular lawns. If you are unable to find a suitable corded lawn mower for your needs, please read the reviews article on the AGreenHand’s blog for more detail.

However, you should make sure you store your gardening gear in a risk-free compartment. Gardening gear can live up to years of loyal service as long as you keep the 101 basics in mind.

“Damp and moisture exposure will most certainly damage your mower or any other type of gardening gear you fail to protect. That’s why we carry a dedicated survey to make sure that we note which of our storing units is risk-free of water damage.” says the What Storage operations and inventory manager Ryan Nevens.

Corded lawn mower and tips how to use one - Remington mower

Tips on Using a Corded Lawn Mower

Now that you know the benefits of using a corded lawn mower, it’s time to learn how to properly use one.

1) Ensure that the lawn is dry and check the cord.

While it’s not impossible to use a mower when it’s raining, it can certainly be dangerous. Apart from clean and straight grass blade cuts becoming more difficult, you could accidentally hurt yourself due to the reduced visibility.

You could trip also on the extension cord or get hurt when water comes in contact with the mower’s electrical components.

If you are going to do this, ensure that both the extension cord and the lawn mower cord are in top shape. There should be no wires sticking out. If you see any, replace or repair the cords immediately.

2) Use the right extension cord

Your extension cord matters as much as the lawn mower. Thus, we recommend getting a long and extremely durable three-prong cord. This will ensure that it won’t become easily damaged by any lawn debris or obstacles. As an added benefit, you can also plug this cord into a grounded power outlet located outside of your house.

3) Proper placement and movement

Utilize the mower’s wheels as you move it into starting position. This place must be the area that is nearest to the extension cord since you want to maximiсe its length. Also, make sure to put the cord over your shoulder so that it won’t be hit by the mower.

Move at a steady pace and follow a straight pattern. If you have to turn the mower, move the cord on the other side, away from the discharge chute. This will prevent any sharp object that goes out of the chute from accidentally hitting the cord.

“Homeowners should definitely consider using a corded lawn mower. It has its distinct advantages over both gas-powered and cordless lawn mowers. It is light, compact, and its efficiency doesn’t degrade over time. It might not have the unlimited reach of cordless mowers, but with the right extension cord, even mowing of medium-sized lawns won’t be a problem.” says Julia, the passionate gardener behind the Leek Gardening blog.
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In conclusion,

We hope that our guide helped you not only decide which lawn mower to get, but also showed you how to make the most out of the corded models. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a response in the comment section below and we’ll respond right back!

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