7 Ways to Completely Clean Your House

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It’s safe to say that most people dislike cleaning home, but everyone enjoys a clean house. When it comes to tackling cleaning home, tenants or owners struggle to plan the best way to clean their house. Wondering whether they should clean their bathroom or kitchen first, or whether they should do vacuuming before dusting or just some dilemmas they face.

7 Ways to Completely Clean Your House

This article offers 7 ways to help you completely clean your home.

Declutter and organize every corner and space

Before you clean, it’s a good idea to declutter and this will help you organize every space on your own. Decluttering doesn’t have to be rocket science; one of the most effective ways to approach this is to separate your items into five distinct piles.

The put away pile

This pile will contain important items that are just not in their right space could include sweatshirts found in the kitchen or coffee cups found in the bathroom. These items would eventually be returned to their designated areas.

The recycle pile

Any items that you no longer want or need but are made from glass, plastic or paper should be added to the pile

The trash pile

Items you find in the home that you want to immediately dispose of will be put in here.

The mend or fix pile

They design this to keep items that may be worth fixing or mending at a later date.

The donation pile

Before you throw anything away, make sure you consider if it will have any worth to somebody else. Any item that is still of worth should be added to this file for donation. Here are some benefits of decluttering.

  • Saves you money
  • Create space in your home.
  • Reduces anxiety and stress
  • Produces a more creative space
  • Uncovers misplaced item
  • Help the less fortunate

Wash and wipe all corners and objects

Every object and corner in your home should be cleaned, but this is done far more efficiently if you tackle one task at a time. You can even start by mopping and vacuuming or dusting and do the same task in every room in your house. Rather than completely cleaning the bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. This approach will prevent you having to start the same task and find and locate unique items repeatedly. Here are some key benefits of wiping and washing all the objects and corners in your home in this fashion.

  • Remove and reduce safety hazards.
  • Keeps you happy, healthy and fit.
  • Fills you with a sense of accomplishment.
  • Raise your home with allergens.

Wipe and polish the floor

Wooden floors are one of the most aesthetically pleasing parts of your home, but they take significant wear and tear daily. Whether it’s from moving furniture, children’s toys, pets, nails, high heel or daily traffic. Wooden floors are tough but even the best finish can easily be susceptible to scuffs and scratches. Wiping and polishing your floor regularly will help maintain it, but using a team of local expert wooden floor polishing services should be done at least once a year. They will help to maintain the lifespan of your floor. There are other benefits too such as.

  • Increases the slip resistance of your floor
  • Reduces the probability of having to replace floors too early
  • Mechanical floor punishing will improve the overall condition of your floor
  • Improved on ambient lighting by increasing reflectivity of the floor

Clean and disinfect the bathroom

The easiest way to approach cleaning and disinfecting your bathroom is to buy a high-quality spray cleaner and apply it to the toilet, tubs and sink. Let this sit on the surface for a few minutes to effectively dissolve any stains or dirt. While this is working you can sweep the floor and clean the walls of the bathroom. Here are some benefits of wiping and polishing your floors.

  • Reduce the probability of disease or illness spreading from the bathroom to other part of your home
  • Control the spread of unpleasant odors
  • Reduce the need for snap cleaning if anyone visits
  • Control your stress or anxiety levels

7 Ways to Completely Clean Your House - bathroom

Sanitize the kitchen

Why is your screen waiting for the spray you put on different parts of your bathroom to dissolve any dirt and grime, you can start sanitizing your kitchen area. Removing dirt from all surfaces in the kitchen, especially the food preparation area, it’s the first step. sanitizing your pants pots, utensils, knives, dishes, cutting boards and counters and allowing them to air dry reduces germs to a safe level.

  • Keep your kitchen free of pests
  • Help maintain countertops, cabinets, floors and appliances
  • Make using your kitchen easier
  • And it’s a consequence to reduce your stress levels

Fix the bedroom

Your bedroom is supposed to be your safe space and area to lay your head at the end of a long, hard day and let your stress levels drift away. However, for far too many homeowners, their bedrooms are just another storage area. Often we’re afraid to let anyone see them, afraid of being judged. Learning to fix your bedroom to a point where keeping it clean is relatively straightforward has a variety of different benefits. Including.

  • Cleaner indoor air
  • A more restful sleep
  • Higher self esteem
  • Boost to productivity has a streamlined bedroom will make organizing your mornings easier

Rearrange the living room

Here is a simple five-step approach to rearranging your living room

  • Measure the area from wall to wall
  • Pinpoint the focal area of the room
  • Arrange your ottomans couches, cabinets, and tables around this area
  • Center any rug to this area
  • Assign a specific spaces for any table on a floor lamps

By rearranging your living space, you will benefit from

  • Reduced need for carpet cleaning
  • A reduction in the potential for household injuries
  • Reduced allergies or illnesses as cleaning is easier

On top of following these simple tips, the easiest way to approach cleaning your home is to make it a team effort. By scheduling different tasks in advance for every family member, this can become a fun and productive activity as the family will unite to create a sparkling home in no time.

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