Signs showing that you need to declutter your house

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Signs showing that you need to declutter your house

If you tend to think that clutter is always about trash surrounding your home, you are wrong. Clutter is anything filling your house, because you no longer need them. It is time to sift off some things from your home.

When you carefully look around your house, you will realize that you don’t need a lot of things. Below, Handyman Tips will share the signs that you need to declutter your house.

When you have a mountain of papers

Are you an avid magazine reader? You might realize that you have a pile of glossies from your favorite weekly magazine that you buy. You may need to get rid of magazines that you have already read to keep your house in order.

At other times the massive pile of papers may arise from the accumulation of many letters from the mailbox. They might be bills or other stuff that you receive monthly.

Tip: Learn to sort out your mail letters immediately you receive them and dump the ones that you may not need. You can also sign up so that you can receive emails instead of the mailbox. As for the magazines, look for online platforms where you can get relevant information instead of purchasing magazines each week.

Tip: Depending on the level of grease and mud, consider using a pair of gloves for all your chores.
Signs showing that you need to declutter your house - dirty dishes

When your kitchen cabinets can’t stay closed

Have you ever reached a point where your utensils are so many that the kitchen cabinets can’t remain locked? That happens often, and it is because too much stuff has accumulated in the cabinets – herbs, spices, and etc.

Too much mugs

Sometimes you may go to the theater to watch a movie or attend baseball games and come back home with a ton of souvenir cups. Since some of them are durable, you cabinet is where you will store those. But exactly how many mugs do we really need?

There are other utensils like plates and spoons which might also can take up a bit too much space in any kitchen cabinet.

What should you do?

Remove all plastic drinkware from your kitchen. You can use glass instead.
Signs showing that you need to declutter your house - wardrobe

When your clothes can’t fit in your wardrobe

Have you experienced clothes chaos?  It doesn’t have to be your wardrobe alone. Sometimes your suitcases might be too stuffed with pieces of clothes that you purchased many years ago, but they don’t fit you well.

Running out of hangers is also a sign that you have too many clothes and they don’t fit at your place. You might be planning to slim your body to fit in them, something that might not be possible for now.

Tip: Since they no longer fit you, sort them out and get rid of what doesn’t fit you. There might also be other clothes that fit you, but maybe you don’t like them anymore. In a home from the future, technology will help us handle this but for now, you can choose to donate or sell clothes in excellent condition.

When you can’t trace your basic stuff such as keys

Have you ever misplaced some things in your home and couldn’t find them? While poor organization might be one of the reasons why you lose things, failing to clean your house of all the clutter is also a reason for that. When things are mixed up all over your home, it becomes hard to find some important stuff.

Tips: Learn to organize your stuff according to categories. You can place all outgoing mails and keys together. Place other small items together in a little box so that it may be easy to retrieve them.

When your drawer is full of plastic bags

When you go shopping, you might use plastic bags for carrying different things. If they are in excellent condition, you might not want to throw them away. The problem is that every time you go shopping, you might buy new ones. That can lead to a lot of clutter in your home.

Tips: Learn to keep some plastic bags in your car, or you can keep some in your handbag. This way you will reduce the usage of unnecessary rubbish.

When the toy box is overflowing with toys

Children can be a bit too selective. They can play with one toy and abandon them after a few days because they saw a better one somewhere and you might be forced to buy them. With time, you will notice that your toy box is overflowing. It is time to declutter.

Tips: Sort out the toy box and eliminate what you don’t need. Remove the one that look toned out, and your child won’t notice their absence easily.

When there are one too many things under the kitchen sink

Have you ever tried to look for something under your kitchen or bathroom sink but could not find it? The reason might be because there are many things under it, like some old make up brushes and other skin care products that you no longer use.

Truth is, the proper setup of your kitchen comes all the way from the start!

Tip: If the brushes and skin care products are more than three months old since you bought them, you can get rid of them. Even if you haven’t used some of them, they still count as clutter, and you can consider donating or selling them.

When you have garbage gift

When you check your bedroom and bathroom shelves, how many presents can you see?

Some people might have no idea of what you like and end up buying you random gifts. Since you couldn’t let them know your lack of interest in them, you end up keeping them on your bedroom shelf.

Tip: It’s high time to re-gift it or donate it. Check your bedroom shelf and remove any gift you are not using.

Signs showing that you need to declutter your house - old books

When you have many old books

Are you the type of person who keeps books at every level of your education? It doesn’t matter the level of studies you used the books or the kind of memories they bring to you. The point to take note is whether they are of any value to you. Are you still using them?

When you have too much furnishing

A common mistake is to over-clutter the interior of your home with a ton of furnishing that you barely use. That’s why using inflatable chairs or sofas is a great way to find the balance between usability and functionality.

Tips: If you are not using them, why don’t you get rid of them? You can gift them to a library, sell them or burn them if they are old exercise books.

Decluttering your house is very important as it helps you to stay in a comfortable and spacious home. It helps you to avoid what you don’t need. If you experience any of the above signs, it means that you have to declutter your home. You might consider hiring a man and van for removal services to help you take out all the stuff you don’t really need, up to a donation spot or to a buyer you found online.

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