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Did you just move into a new home and need new cleaning supplies to move with? Or you have a busy household and handling any and every sort of mess is becoming more difficult? Whatever the case, we know the peace that comes with having a clean house. This is why we have made this list of cleaning supplies that every household should have.

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These items are not expensive and would not put a dent in your budget. That being said, let’s dig in!

1. An All-Purpose Eco-Friendly Cleaner

So many specific types of cleaning products are on the shelves these days, so much that you can feel overwhelmed by it all. To stop the confusion, we recommend all-purpose cleaning products. Do you need to do the dishes? Or the floor needs cleaning? Is the dog dirty and needs a bath? Grab your all-purpose cleaner for all of these chores and more. All-purpose cleaners are of two types, abrasive cleaners, and non-abrasive cleaners.

i. Abrasive Cleaners

This type of all-purpose cleaners is made with ingredients that can remove soil from small areas. They are available in both liquid and powder forms. They often contain elbow grease that reduces the hard scrubbing that is often required to clean off the soil. Some ingredients present in abrasive cleaners are copper, metal or nylon particles, and minerals particles or steel wool.

ii. Non-Abrasive Cleaners

This type of all-purpose cleaning product also comes in powder and liquid forms. The powders are dissolved in water, while the liquid forms can either be used as they are in full strength, or diluted. Some non-abrasive cleaning products may have antimicrobial agents and so they double as disinfectants. Labels like “disinfect” and “kill germs” are usually specified on such products to distinguish them from the regular ones.

A major ingredient found in this kind of cleaners is a surfactant and this is obvious in the foam’s appearance, especially after the powder has been diluted in water. The way all-purpose cleaning agents are made, they can only produce a reasonable quantity of foam, and this is to make rinsing the foam easier. Another major ingredient you can find in non-abrasive cleaners is builders. Other ingredients that can be found in these cleaners are pine oil, organic solvents such as isopropanol and ethanol, and ammonia.

2. Towels and Microfiber Cloths

These are always very helpful; they can be needed in almost every part of the house, from the baby’s room to the kitchen, and anywhere else. Their versatility is because they can wipe dirt off a surface even without water, won’t scratch the surfaces of appliances and furniture, and are allergen and dust magnets. With them, cleaning is almost effortless. However, some people will rather stick to the traditional sponge; we understand preferences so this is okay. Although, if a traditional sponge is your preference, we will advise that you opt for a two-sided one (scour and scrub) that has built-in antimicrobial agents.

3. Sponge Mop

You no longer have to deal with big rolling buckets and giant messy mops. Say hello to sponge mop! They are mostly sizeable, fast-drying, and their foams are high-absorbance. They are also perfect for tiled and hardwood floors.

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4. Versatile Vacuum

Technology keeps getting better and better, and so we now have vacuums that are very versatile. Vacuums can now perform not one or two, but even three duties. You can detach the vacuum (the brushes or crevice) and convert it into a hand tool that can go under the furniture, to the corners of the couch, and even to the car.

5. Reusable Rubber or Latex Gloves

These are absolute must-haves. And it is not just because they protect your hands from the harsh effects of some cleaning agents. They are also the best mood setters. Nothing says cleaning time better than playing your best album with the volume turned up and putting on a pair of rubber or latex gloves.

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6. A strong Bucket

This is the cleaning workhorse. A strong bucket has so many purposes that we do not even know where to start from. It can be used to mop, carry the cleaning supplies from one part of the house to the other, and so much more. And you have to be careful because if you aren’t, you just might fall in love with your cleaning bucket because of how reliable it is.

7. One Spray Bottle

If you have time at hand, you can make a cleaning solution all by yourself. All you would need is some baking soda, rubbing alcohol, lemons (lemon juice can also be used), ammonia, and white vinegar. And once you have your solution, you would need a spray bottle to store and use it from. The best thing about making your cleaner by yourself is that unlike the solutions you get in the stores, you know for sure the ingredients that are inside the solution.

8. Products to Resist Pet Odor

We all love our pets, but we must admit that they sometimes make it harder to maintain a clean home. And sometimes, no matter how well you clean their pans and spaces, a slightly noticeable odor may linger. This is why you need a product that can stop the growth of the bacteria that causes the odor.

9. Sink Ware Set

A sink ware set is multi-functional, it helps to tame the dirty dishes, prevent stains and the growth of bacteria that causes odor, and also keep the sink organized.


Maintaining a clean home does not have to be too difficult. And it won’t be if you have some basic supplies that will help lift some drudgery that cleaning the home brings. Some of the items that are must-haves if you want to maintain a clean home are sponge mop, all-purpose eco-friendly cleaners, reusable rubber or latex gloves, versatile vacuum, sturdy spray bottle, and a strong bucket.

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