How to get rid of garbage disposal odor

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It’s a very typical thing that you have an unpleasant odor in your kitchen from the garbage disposal or the sink, but it sometimes becomes very troublesome to you because it can cause severe health issues for you and your family. This lousy smell can make a severe impact on your guests who come to your house. And it is also not possible to stop using the garbage disposal because doing daily works for households like cooking produces a lot of garbage. Mostly in a kitchen during the cooking and chopping vegetables, there are so many wastage and stench of onion and garlic which mainly make the unpleasant odor.

putting vegetables into garbage disposal

It’s your duty to keep your garbage disposal clean and odorless. When you’re considering which garbage disposal to buy make sure that you check garbage disposal reviews and purchase the best one which emit less smell. There are so many ways of removing odor from your garbage disposal with stuff that you already have in your kitchen.

cleaning garbage disposal with ice

Ways Of Cleaning Junk And Odor From Garbage Disposals

You’ll be surprised how elementary and non-expensive things can solve your problem.

  • Lemons: lemon is one of the least expensive things in your refrigerator which you can use to to get rid of the rancid stench. You just need to cut the lemon or orange or any citric fruits on slices and put them or grind them in the garbage pot.
  • Kosher salt: to remove the slimy residue of food, kosher salt are very useful. The ice and salt combination is mostly used in many restaurants and shops to get rid of the odor-causing residue.
  • Ice cubes: though ice cubes cannot make good fragrant feel after the cleaning, it can help you to diminish the awful smell.
  • Bleach: it helps you to minimize the odor but it also help you to dislodge the residue.
  • Baking soda and vinegar: to remove the strong smell from a garbage disposal, you can use 1 cup of baking soda and little amount of distilled vinegar. By using only vinegar , you can dislodge your smelly and sticky remainings.
  • Hot water: the most available thing in your home, you just need to boil it. Pour boiling water in your garbage disposal and it will wash away all the residue that is causing unpleasant odor.

Following these tips, you will improve the scent in your kitchen and your sink and garbage disposal will always be clean and odorless.

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