How to Choose the Right Kitchen Sink

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Kitchen remodeling is a bit overwhelming since there are many things to consider when going about it. All of the work that are required from it can get you anxious especially when it comes to choosing the best things. But with everything else, you have to keep your cool and choose calmly.

How to choose the right kitchen sink

If you are stuck choosing the right kitchen sink, you should at least know different things about it so it will be easier on your part. Kitchen sinks are important in the household because it facilitates food preparation and aids washing of dishes. To help you get started, you can consider the following things:

Type of kitchen sink

Remember that there is always something for you. Here are the installation types of kitchen sinks:
A. Farmhouse or apron front sink: This type of sink has a big forward-facing section that substitutes an area of the counter. Farmhouse sinks are stylish but a bit costly and it requires more work in terms of installation.

Number of sinks

Kitchen sinks come with different basin configurations. The number of basins will depend on your needs and that will determine the right kitchen sink for you. Here’s the number of sinks you can choose from:
A. Single bowl: As the name suggests, single bowl sink has one basin. You just have to choose the right size so you can still clean large dishes if there is a need.
B. Double bowl: Majority kitchens with ample space feature double bowl sinks. You just need to make sure that the basin is large enough to accommodate larger dishes.
C. Triple bowls: Three basins are rare in a household setting. It is mostly used in commercial spaces like restaurants. The three separate workspaces are convenient, especially for washing dishes.

How to choose the right kitchen sink - farmhouse kitchen sink

Materials of the kitchen sink

The next thing to consider is the best kitchen sink material. The durability of the kitchen sink will depend on the materials used. Here are the different materials you can select from:
A. Stainless steel: Stainless steel sinks are the most popular choice of material because it is heat and stain resistant at the same time. It is also sturdy. It just shows water spots.
B. Composite granite: This material is famous because of its sleek look and durability. The best thing about composite granite is that it comes in different hues.
C. Fireclay: This material is from molded clay that is put in extremely high temperature. This material is scratch and stain resistant. Cleaning is easy.
D. Cast iron: This is perfect for people who are fans of a white sink. It is covered with enamel finish making it glossy and classy.
E. Copper: Copper sinks are rust resistant and antimicrobial. It is a good option for people who are keen on food safety. When choosing this, make sure that the sink is at least 99% pure copper.

When you know all this things, choosing the right kitchen sink will be easier and stress-free. If you are doing the complete kitchen remodel be sure that the size of your future sink fits into the new kitchen design. Always remember that functional kitchen is as important as beautiful kitchen!

How to choose the right kitchen sink

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