Chinese Feng Shui Makes You More Productive at Home

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For beginners and the uninitiated, choosing to understand what Feng Shui really is would help you appreciate its philosophy, which started centuries ago in today’s China.

Chinese Feng Shui Makes You More Productive at Home

Surprisingly, it bases most of its principles on the structural organization and health-conscious practices.

How Feng Shui Can Impact Our Mood and Productivity at Home

Feng shui patterns reveal the impact our homes and personal space can have on our person and psyche. Notably, it believes a connection exists between us and our homes. A little cluster of household items and furniture can alter our mood s and mental capacity to be productive. It’s quite hilarious that many of us would campaign for friendly workspaces, leaving out our own homes and personal spaces.

How to Incorporate Feng Shui Into Your Home

By making these little changes to your home, you can begin to see a measurable impact on your productivity. Break down the flow of energy. If your entrance and exit doors are directly faced, then the energy flow (or chi) is surging through your house too fast. Rather than just let it out the exit, let the flow circulate through your home gracefully, lighting your room with an energetic spark. You can break down the flow of room energy with frame pictures, artworks on your walls, an entry table, or even a rug on your floor.

Declutter your home. Even human sight doesn’t find excessive clutter appealing. When you treat your home as your sanctuary, decluttering gives you room for perception and clarity of thoughts. Clutters can be too much a noise for the sight when you want to relax your mind.

Cluttering might seem easy to solve. But getting to the realization that you are choking your homes with many objects that may be beautiful but not significant to your wellbeing may be the motivation you need to declutter. Create systems for arranging and organizing every item and object in your life. Include the keys, the bills, the cards, the remote controls, even your thoughts, and ideas. You’d feel a little relief knowing that you’ve organized all that matters to you.

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How to Maximize the Energy That Flows Into Your Home

Keep the path to your entrance door clear. Your entrance remains the opening that admits all energies into your home. When the chi (or energy) flows, it looks for a gateway. Be sure your entrance is accessible and not leading to a wall. These obstructions have a way of affecting your thought flow. Let the energy flow generously through your home. Consider installing an artwork or a mirror with a particular intention. A mirror might mean a window into a realm of thoughts and reflections for you. An artwork might spark imagination and creativity. By all means, erase any sense of limitation at your entrance.

Give your guests reasons to pause and admire. Remember, your door is a portal for energy flow. It would help if you consciously channeled all passing energies the right way. Decorate your home and living room with sights that’d make them pause to admire or reflect. Break down the chi into your rooms by getting artworks that trigger attention or reflection. Remove symbols of negativity. “Stay positive.” We plant positive thoughts in our minds every day. With the spread of information, energy travels faster through symbols in images, movies, memes, and other similar mediums. It’s a world of symbolism, and these symbols carry various energies. A cluttered surface might hinder thought flow. And a self-esteem issue might need your mirror positioned where you can see it.

Learning to maximize the energies that flow through your home for productivity is not a day’s job. There are apps specially designed to guide and give you insight. Click the link below to explore them.

Feng Shui Apps for Home

In conclusion, Feng shui is beyond just repositioning your household decorations and furniture. These recommended apps will teach you how to make your home a flexible space that resonates with your entire being.

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