Catching Ways to Decorate Home with Full-Length Mirrors

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The mirror trick might be the oldest trick in the book of decorations, but there’s a reason it’s a prevailing trend even now. It is a perfect home decor piece and it can make the space inside your house seem larger due to the reflection of light. A bit of creativity and decoration, and you have the ideal showpiece your living room needs, to make it stand out.

Decorate Home with Full-Length Mirrors

Here are some ways you can use a large floor mirror to change the tone of your household.

What Aspects to Consider Before Hanging a Full-Length Wall Mirror at Your Home?

A full-length wall mirror for your home requires some consideration. It can make or break the look of a room.

The Size of the Mirror

The first order of business is to decide on the size. The choice should be based on the size of the wall and on what exactly the purpose of the mirror is. Is the mirror the main attraction or are you simply adding it there to fit the decor of the room?

The Shape of the Mirror

The usual option is square or rectangle, but settling on an unusual shape can attract the attention of the guest. The mirror could be small or may lack decoration of the frame, but the shape will make up for it. An oval or a diamond-shaped mirror can add a funky feel to the room.

The Style of the Mirror

A full-length wall mirror doesn’t necessarily need a frame. The size or shape can give a strong enough presence. However, if you have a showpiece-like mirror in mind, you need to pay attention to the size. A simple look would call for a mirror frame with plain wood or metal. The ones that are more formal or supposed to make a dramatic statement, call for a gilded or ornamented frame.

Some Ideal Places to Use Full-Length Wall Mirrors at Home

If you have a room in your house that’s too small and suffocating on more days than not, a full-length mirror could be the party trick you seek. Place the mirror opposite the door and tilt it just a bit. It will take in a massive amount of light, giving the room the optical illusion of possessing more space. The reflection from the room or hallway opposite the door will make it look as if there’s a room beyond the door, which is another bonus point.

There isn’t a house that doesn’t have a mirror over the sink. What about a full-length mirror behind the tub wall though? These mirrors don’t need to be spotlessly clean. Try to have some fun with the design. Once you’re done, you will be surprised by its regal look.

Decorate Home with Full-Length Mirrors - white mirror

What Are Some Popular Designs of the Full-Length Mirrors?

Right now, there’s a wide range of designs available when it comes to a full-length mirror. You can also customize the design to your heart’s content. If we had to focus on the popular ones that are trending right now, The Union, The Onyx, and the Kensington come to mind. The Kensington has flowery shaped interlaced ornamentation while the Onyx has tile-like shapes with stone insets. The Union has circles which intertwine, giving it unique imagery.

What Are Some Cool Ways to Creatively Decorate a Full-Length Mirror?

Creativity isn’t in the decoration of a mirror as much as it is in suiting the right room and placing it just right. However, if you’re one who prefers simplicity, you can simply opt for a mirror with a wooden frame. For the bolder ones, there are the self-standing full-length mirrors with a white frame. For the ones who prefer something flashier, a mirror with a white frame and silver stone insets should catch the eye of every guest. For the ones who prefer the old ways, mirrors with silver or gold frames and intertwining should do it for you.

Decorate Home with Full-Length Mirrors - oval classic mirror

Now that you know every way in which you can get the best out of a full-length mirror at home, the only question is where do you find one that’s worth the purchase from a functioning and decorative perspective. Fab Glass and Mirror, a glass and mirror company, allow you to make decisions on your ideal mirror, be it the shape, dimension, glass type, thickness or the edging and finishing. You have a range of options from their shop as well. They sell LED vanity mirrors as well as more intricate decorative pieces, such as the Versailles, or the Four Seasons. When you have so many choices, why will you settle for anything less?

Coupled with excellent customer service and e-payment facilities, the company also allows for nationwide free shipping. Our favorite part might be where they offer a 10 percent price reduction if you can show them a shop that sells the same items at a lower price. The only thing left for you to do is customize or purchase the full-length mirror of your dreams!

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