Should you buy or rent water coolers

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With an increased focus on hydration, water coolers have become an essential addition to offices. However, when it comes to getting a water cooler, you have two choices, rent or buy.

Should you buy or rent water coolers

Water cooler rental usually includes the delivery of bottles and comes with a monthly charge. But it also comes with convenience, and that’s why many people prefer renting. However, if you plan to plant a water cooler for long-term use, you can purchase one. It will be a one-time investment and, with scheduled maintenance, will last for a long time.

Consider The Cost

Cost is a primary concern for consumers when it comes to purchasing or renting water coolers. Of course, if you are confident with the water dispenser, then you could buy it. But the upfront costs are enormous, which includes setting up the dispenser at your home or office. On the other hand, decisions to rent water dispensers came with the obvious advantage of low cost and fixed monthly fee that provides repair, filter changes, and maintenance checks.

Repairing The Filters

Most consumers purchase water dispensers with lower specifications for lowering the cost. While a purchase comes with a warranty that provides initial coverage, you need to pay the bills after the contract expires. But it comes with a headache of regular maintenance and repairs. If you cannot deliver the enormous maintenance bills, it’s better to choose a rental package that suits your requirement.

Safety And Hygiene

Water dispensers come with various safety features, which you can choose at the outset regardless of whether you buy or rent a dispenser. But most people tend to ignore sanitizing their dispensers after they have bought one. So if you are busy and not used to regular cleaning, it can be good to go for rental packages. However, it will defeat the very purpose of having a dispenser.


Another factor to consider is disposing of your water dispenser after use. If you decide to forgo water coolers for any reason, you should know how to throw them off properly. There are regulations in Perth which you must take into consideration when disposing of used water coolers. But when you rent, disposal comes with the package, and the supplier will take your used water cooler and discard it taking environmental norms into account.

Should you buy or rent water coolers - water cooler

Pros Of Buying A Water Cooler

  • You are the owner of the system.
  • You don’t need to sign any rental agreement with a supplier
  • It will be a one-time investment only
  • You can regulate the usage of your water cooler

Pros Of Renting A Water Cooler

  • Professional water cooler companies use high-end equipment that ensures minimal maintenance.
  • A certified team handles repairs and filters changes at no additional charge.
  • There are no worries about how to change the filters or when the cooler stops working. You would only need to contact a customer service team who will take care of the rest.
  • When the water coolers reach their shelf life, you can replace them with another one.

Choose A Local Company

Whether you decide to purchase or rent coolers, always go for local agents because they have vast knowledge about water systems in your area. Also, they would give you the best advice and guidance for choosing the best filtration system and affordable rates. Ultimately, it boils down to your decision about buying or renting water coolers. If you can afford the post-repair and maintenance, you can purchase water dispensers. But if you have a busy lifestyle, it’s convenient to rent water coolers from a trusted agency. Also, don’t forget to read this blog once you have decided to install water dispensers at your home or office.

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