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Refrigerator water filters are a widespread household convenience. They have several benefits, such as saving you money on water. It’s much cheaper to get water from your refrigerator than to purchase packs from the store each week. However, water doesn’t magically appear from your fridge, ready to drink. First, it must go through a filter so it can be safe for consumption. Without that filter, your water may not be safe for drinking. So, homeowners must remember to replace their filters at the appropriate times.

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How do you know when to replace discount refrigerator water filters? If you’re unsure, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll explore the signs for filter replacement in the guide below.

Your Discount Refrigerator Water Filters’ Indicator Light is On

Most newer fridge models come with helpful indicator lights. These lights indicate when it’s time to replace your water filter. Different models have various indicators that tell them it’s time to replace the water. Some versions use a simple timer that ensures you change the filter every few months. Others activate after assessing the quality of your water. You can find either style of Discount Filters GE online. One may suit your lifestyle and hydration habits more than the other.

It’s Been More Than Six Months Since Your Last Replacement

Most refrigerator water filter tips tell you to replace your filter after six months. This six-month time frame fits with most of the recommended service life of most filters on the market. If you struggle to keep track of dates, don’t worry! Most filters come with a little sticker where you can mark the installation date. This way, you can efficiently keep track of the filter’s lifespan.

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Your Water Tastes Unusual

When your fridge water tastes funny, it’s time to consult the refrigerator water filters buying guide. This unusual taste usually means that the water isn’t filtering out minerals and materials that naturally accumulate. You can also tell when you need a new filter by gauging your ice. Typically, water filter issues begin to affect your ice maker. If your icemaker never seems to have any ice, your water filter could be the problem’s cause. Alternatively, the icemaker may produce poor-quality ice. This ice has a strange, clouded look to it in most cases. Otherwise, you may notice that the ice has a weird smell or taste. If you experience these problems, try replacing your water filter. You may find it’s the perfect fix!

The Water Dispenser Runs Slowly

If your fridge produces hard, unfiltered water, it may cause your filter to clog. Over time, it develops mineral deposits that hard water can’t get through. This problem can also affect soft water. As the filter removes the minerals from your water, it could cause deposits to build. In either case, replacing your filter is the best choice. Find new refrigerator water filters today!

Find Your New Water Filter Today!

Replacing discount refrigerator water filters takes no time at all. Plus, doing so regularly can prevent the problems outlined here. So, don’t hesitate! Purchase your new water filter today. We hope you enjoyed this article! If so, check out our other content today.

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