A Guide for Broken Garage Spring in Sacramento

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A garage door, at its most basic definition, is a large metal or wooden panel that runs along an overhead track to cover an entryway. The doors are opened and closed by size, weight, or electronic mechanisms. A garage door consists of the horizontal track or rail to which spring assemblies are attached. The springs help lift the garage door, enabling its movement along the track. If your garage door spring breaks, it will cause the door to stop working effectively.

A Guide for Broken Garage Spring in Sacramento

Read this article thoroughly to understand the issue of the broken garage spring in Sacramento and solutions for this.

What Is the Role of Garage Door Spring?

The garage door spring is one of the parts that contribute to making your garage door opener work more efficiently. Imperfectly balanced or worn-down garage door springs will never do their job properly. You need to take a look at the spring to know if it needs replacement or not. The two most common types of garage door springs are torsion and extension. The main difference is that they rotate in opposite directions when the garage door opens or closes.

Torsion Garage Door Springs

These are tightly wrapped to a steel rod that’s connected to the center of the garage door. The middle of the weight-carrying shaft is connected to a device that rotates as the garage door opens and closes. The tightness of the springs is adjustable to accommodate the weight of the door.

Extension Garage Door Springs

These are usually stored inside coiled steel enclosures that are connected to the garage door. The springs are also adjustable to accommodate the weight of the door.

How Will You Know the Issue behind Broken Garage Spring in Sacramento?

The spring can break under various circumstances. Some of the most common reasons are listed below:

Heavy Garage Door Usage

If you use your garage door frequently, the spring might get worn out faster. The constant uphill and downhill movement puts pressure on the springs which can cause them to break more often.

Short Regularly Used Garage Door

If your garage door is not frequently used, make sure that you have opened and closed it a few times every month. It’s a good practice to lubricate all door parts that require it.

Winter or Summer Garage Door Usage

The materials used to make the springs are more vulnerable in an environment with drastic temperature changes. The change in the ambient temperature can affect the springs, making them susceptible to damage due to the constant changes.

Frequently Used Garage Door with Vinyl or Aluminum Materials

These are not the most suitable materials for garage doors. Both materials are lightweight in comparison to steel which lowers the “life cycle” of the garage door springs.

High Wind

If the pressure on the garage door is too strong, it might cause damage to the wheels or track. The heavy wind can also affect the door frame and cause damage to the entire door assembly.

Two Broken Springs At Different Levels

If both springs break at different levels, it means that the door is not properly balanced. The uneven distribution of weight on both springs can cause damage to them. In some cases, a single spring is not enough to lift the door. If this is the case, your best bet would be to change both springs.

A Guide for Broken Garage Spring in Sacramento - spring repair

What Can You Do If the Issue of  Broken Garage Spring in Sacramento Arise?

If you have noticed that your garage door spring has broken, there are a few steps you need to take. The first thing you should do is find a way to turn off the power that is connected to the garage door opener. The opener is still connected to the broken spring, which means that you can sustain an injury if it suddenly opens while you are in the vicinity. Even worse, the absence of spring might cause damage to your car or house if heavy winds get hold of the door and make it open forcefully. After turning off the power, don’t try to open or close the door by yourself. It’s safer for you and anyone else in your household if you get a professional to do it. The garage door might be heavy, but it can cause major accidents if not handled properly. Plus, if the springs are old, there is an element of risk that they might break while lifting the door.

What Kind of Professional for Broken Garage Spring in Sacramento Should You Call?

Depending on your location, there are different companies you can call to help you with broken garage springs in Sacramento. You can find them on the internet with the best reviews on their website.

  • The company should be insured and carry the necessary permits to perform such services. It’s always wise to check for these things before giving them your business. They should also have a 24-7 emergency hotline that you can use in case of an issue with your garage door.
  • They will send someone trained and qualified to perform this service,
  • The professionals must use the right tools and equipment for this job.
  • The service should be done as soon as possible to prevent damage from occurring due to the broken spring.

In case you have broken springs on both your garage door, make sure they are replaced by the best company for broken garage spring in Sacramento. If not, the new springs might break as well because of inconsistency in the quality and type of materials used.


Q: Is it safe to open my garage door if the springs are broken?

A: If you notice that your garage door has a broken spring, you should not open or close it by yourself. You can call professionals to help you or turn off the power connected to your garage door opener.

Q: How do I know if my garage door has broken springs?

A: There are common signs that your door might have an issue of broken garage spring. These include a shift in the balance of the door, a noise when opening or closing it and screeching metal sounds.

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