7 Home Renovations That Require You to Have a Permit

There are instances wherein your home already calls for renovations and repairs because of the wear and tear that it has incurred over time. It can also be that you want to upgrade your home to ensure that its value is still up to par with the other properties in the market. You have the option of enlisting the services of professionals in getting your home project done, or you can also try to do everything yourself.

7 Home Renovations That Require You to Have a Permit

But in terms of the latter, you need to take extra precaution because certain home renovation projects require you to have a permit, and below are some of them.

Plumbing Works

Before you start any plumbing project for your home, make sure that you check for any local building or plumbing code to know whether your project requires a permit or not. Usually, re-pipes, drain line, and sewer replacements, as well as moving existing plumbing to a different location all call for a permit because these are considered as big jobs that can affect not only your home but other homes that can be sharing the same pipes as you do. In this case, it is best to let the professionals handle these kinds of projects.

Electrical Improvements

Simple electrical works such as replacing an outlet that is no longer working or installing a new fixture don’t require you to have a permit. However, bigger tasks that are better handled by seasoned electricians would likely require you to have a permit. For instance, expanding your space by adding a new room entails the need for new electrical installations. This is a significant project that entails the need not only for a permit but even for an inspector to ensure that wires and outlets won’t cause unnecessary hazards.

Water Heater Installations

Some homes don’t come with a water heater installed when they are put up for sale in the market. If you are asking yourself the question “Can a homeowner install a water heater without having to get a permit?” Then you may find that the answer is NO. The reason behind this is that a water heater installation encompasses both a plumbing and an electrical work that both entails the need for a permit to ensure that safety regulations are observed.

Putting up Fences

Not all fence works require a permit. Certain conditions will help you determine whether the fence project that you will be doing will require one. For instance, you won’t be needing a permit to install a privacy fence in your backyard, but you may need one if the fence you want to install is over six feet tall.

Siding Projects

A siding or a wall cladding serves as the first line of defense of your home against harmful outdoor elements such as extreme weather conditions. However, installing a siding or replacing one may entail the need for you to acquire a permit beforehand. A regulatory permit will ensure that your project will come out as structurally sound and safe for occupancy.

7 Home Renovations That Require You to Have a Permit - installing siding

New Window Placement

Not all window works require a permit. For example, if you will only replace the window’s sashes or its movable parts, then you don’t need a permit. However, when you intend to install a larger window that entails the need for you to cut a larger hole in the wall of your house, then you most likely need a permit. The reason behind this is that in doing so, you are making a structural alteration in your walls.

Total Project Cost

Some states or municipalities require a permit for renovation or construction works that cost more than a certain amount. Usually, the bar is set at around $5000, such that when your renovation project reaches or surpasses this value, then you need to acquire a permit. You may be able to apply one from your local government unit. Also, if you have a party wall then you need a party wall agreement as well.

Plumbing works and electrical improvements, as well as water heater installations, may require you to have a permit before you can proceed with the project. In the same manner, it is a good idea to check your jurisdiction to know whether a permit is needed when you intend to put up a fence or push through with a siding project, as well as have new windows placed in your home. There are also cases wherein you need to get a permit if your home renovation project exceeds a certain amount. Hence, make sure to exert an extra effort to research the permits that you may need before you commence on any home improvement project.

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