This 1963 Mogensen design works equally well with any other furniture piece as it does with its pair, the Wingback chair. Made to upscale the typical simple design of an average ottoman, this mid century modern living room addition features staple-quality leathered cushions placed upon an organic-looking wooden base. Seemingly simple and relaxed, this design doesn’t fail to flatter living room layouts of various designs and purposes, from chic and formal to rustic and warm.

Here are a couple more reasons why the Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman is a must-have staple piece for your living room:

Compact Shape

The Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman impresses not only with its color and design but also with the compact dimensions that make it effortlessly adjustable to any living room setting. The square-shaped ottoman features just the right dimensions to support your feet comfortably without taking up unnecessary space.

The equal dimensions of the ottoman guarantee fitting into a mid-century modern living room of any size, as well as coordinating with a variety of sizes and shapes of coffee tables and chairs. The Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman will be proportionate to any other chair you pair it with, without disturbing the visual balance of your sitting area.

Extravagant Rusticity

Scandinavian design is well-known for combining the contrasts of bold and loud with the simplicity of rustic to create a perfectly harmonious environment. Likewise, the Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman offers extravagance in appearance and shape with its unique cushion that slightly stands out, the prominent impact of the leathering, and the opposing, leisurely impression of the rustic, wooden legs.

All combined, this ottoman will enrich your mid-century modern living room with the right amount extravagant, casual, and warm to complement any base in terms of color and style.

Premium comfort and functionality

If there’s anything obvious about the Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman, it’s that the ottoman is designed to serve its main purpose-rest your feet. The soft-looking, voluminous cushion will support your feet after a long day at work, when all you crave is a quiet evening over a cup of tea. Furthermore, it will serve its purpose with a great dose of grace and luxury, ensuring a rewarding experience for the vast amount of effort put into creating a warm ambiance.

With premium quality manufacturing and state-of-the art design, the Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman is a must have accessory for your mid-century modern living room. It’s value isn’t only in prominent design and versatile functionality. The Borge Mogensen Wingback Chair Ottoman serves its main role to provide extra comfort and effortless relaxation regardless of occasion or surrounding furniture pieces, which ensures you’ll find a perfect spot for it in your mid century modern living room without extra hassle over matching and coordinating.