Ultra-Modern Printable Designs for Your Living Room

“A house should be like the way one dresses- It must reflect your personality.”

Well, the quote is true! Who does not want to have an upmarket house to live in?

Today, with the new age, people are hiring interior designers, architects, and expert painters to create an ultra-modern house that suits their personality. People are spending a lot more money on classic and modular furniture, decorative items, and antique pieces to beautify their living space.

Printable designs

Whether it is a one bedroom flat or a huge apartment, no one can deny that they want the house to look unique and that’s why at HandymanTips.org, we’ve prepared a dash of the best ideas out there!

Living room- the heart of the house:

The living room is the center of your house where your family spends most of the time together. You watch your favorite movies together and spend relaxing moments with each other in the living area. It is a space where you make your guests feel at home. Thus, space must be lively, and redesigned in a welcoming and positive manner.

“The décor of the living room must be different from the rest of the house. Since it is a unique space, it must be decorated to reflect positively on the rest of the house. You must decorate the space in a way that it looks vibrant, unique, and welcoming.” told us Monika Kal, a interior expert at the Fantastic Services Group (AU), “The entire mood of a room depends on the palette, the elements, and depth of your design.” she ads.

Wall Printing:

Wall printing has been in vogue for many years. It provides a wide choice of decoration which makes people opt for wall printing again and again. When you are planning to decorate your living room, you can either use wall printing or wallpapering. You can find a great ecommerce store dealing with printing by researching online or in your local area. This way, you can get a professional advice on picking the right material, colour and design for your walls.

While wallpaper is a conventional method, while wall printing is unique and appealing, and wall art does no provide the same depth of as prints. Prints bring the sense of extra texture to your home and can be customized according to your personal taste and ideas. The vast number of unique designs available for wall printing can suit almost any room and any home, not to mention the endless opportunities offered by 3d designers.

Below are some of the undisputed advantages of wall printing:

  • It offers a plethora of unique printable designs on different surfaces like wood, glass, and wall. Use strain resistant or scratch proof materials to upgrade your living area.
  • In comparison to wallpapering, printing will stick around for a longer period of time. They are cost effective in long-term, and can easily hide a wide range imperfections.
  • Prints do not damage your wall, and you can recreate your living space again and again without worrying about the signs of damage.
  • Wall printing brings in a designer look to your home. When you use wall-print your living room, it instantly converts the whole area into a modern and cosy room.

Living room wall printing ideas:

Living rooms wall printing add a whole new look to the house. It’s is used to enhance the décor of a particular area or space. It also creates a beautiful backdrop for your family pictures on the wall.

Whether it is the backdrop of an attractive piece of furniture, sofa set or just any wall, printing techniques add value to your space!

  • Before using this approach for your living room or any other space in that regards, it is important to check the condition of the surface. If there are imperfections present, there might complications with printing.
  • Damp and moisture are other factors that you need to consider before using wall printing. Thus, it is necessary that you consult a good interior decorator before using the same in your living area.
  • Another important factor to consider before using wall printing is to choose the area where you specifically want to put them. The color and the design must match the other elements of your living area. The print design must go well with the `flooring, furniture, sofa sets, and decorations to create a complete look.
  • Certain 3D wall printing designs shine in natural light while some look pale and dull. While some wall printing make your living area look spacious, some may make it look smaller. Using warm, bold and dark coloured can make your living area feel cosy and intimate.
  • Invest time before investing money! Take time to discuss with professionals about what will look best on your walls. Designers and Wall Printing Companies will help you with unique and beautiful designs.

5 ultra-modern printable designs that are trending today

Below are some unique printable designs that are trending today and certainly add value to your living area:

Choose green for a garden theme

Printable designs - garden

Green colors are perfect for nature lovers. If you love mother earth and want to define your persona in your living space, pick green! Check out for flora and fauna designs on the internet or use a plain shade of olive to design your wall. The green color on your wall will create the impression of a garden in your house. You can use a customized wall printing as a backdrop for your indoor plants as well! If you really want to go all out and bring your garden furniture indoors, then you will really have that garden themed living room. Believe it or not, it’s actually somewhat fashionable!

Pick floral

Printable designs - floral

The floral printable designs on your wall makes the house look ultra-modern and elegant. If you have a cozy cottage living room area, choose floral wall printing. The neutral colors on the wall give a cozy feeling in the house. It also makes the house look spacious and adds value to every piece of decoration.

Go bohemian and chic

Printable designs - bohemian

If you have a fetish for bohemian designs, use bold color wall printing with unique patterns on your wall. You can also pick bird and animal design wall printing to add a zing to your living space. Young people will love this type of wall murals as they feature their energetic personality!

Use shiny wall murals

Printable designs - wall mural

When you want to give your living space a feel of retro with some modern aspect, pick shiny wall murals with conventional motifs. The traditional designs give a contemporary edge to the living area.

Hang brick wall murals

Printable designs - hang brick

Give your house an ultra-lofty look with unique brick design custom wall murals. If you want your house to look modern and contemporary at the same time, use white-washed textured printing design on your wall. The wall murals will give you an industrial backdrop and look stunning with modern furniture.

Living area wall murals create a statement interior. They distinguish the particular wall and add texture to space. Whether you use your living area for dining, working or just for relaxing, these printable designs complete the look of your house. Combine murals with the right choice of furniture to give that extra zing to your living area.

Either recreate a single wall or match up to other walls with the print, the choice is up to you!

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